Lolita feels Zemfira

Lolita feels Zemfira Presentation of a new album Vlad Topalov hardly would have attracted such attention, if not for two intriguing factor: live concert sound and Lolita as an entertainer.Singer and TV presenter not only managed to entertain the guests during the technical hitches, but also told the audience the news of show business."It is strange, of course, that 44-year-old woman supporting young boy. But Vlad is very good, he could easily be my son. But I didn't," said Lolita from the scene.Maybe paired with Vlad Lolita and looked too adult, but skillfully kept and not allowed to miss anyone.TV experience and lack of complexes prompted her to ask interesting questions. So the subject of discussion was the personal life of Vlad and his backing vocalists: this is an interesting question Lolita could not leave without attention. But in response to all provocations only joked and began the concert. While Vlad, dressed in a tuxedo and sneakers, jumping on the scene, Lolita has attracted attention. Even flowers fans got her:"Oh, you feel Zemfira, I have girls rosettes give", is trying to distance themselves from the glory of Lolita.The question of the relationship of the sexes has become the main theme of the evening. Especially popular were two nice girls: Anastasia Myskina and Lesya Yaroslavskaya of the group "Tutsi". Not surprisingly, both beauties has enjoyed increased attention because of the girl soon-to-be moms! Myskina already pregnant, and here at Lesja tummy just appeared."Yeah, I'm on the fifth month of pregnancy. Now it is already possible to speak about everything. Recently there was a threat of miscarriage. We were in a car accident, the car cannot restore. But this is nonsense, the main thing that I have restored," admitted Lesya in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets".The atmosphere is set by Lolita, was supported from the scene: Vlad was surrounded by beautiful girls, and in the course of the dance he showed the audience her underwear. Fans were happy. Source: Lolita feels Zemfira (photo).

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