Joseph Prigogine changes Valeria with another girl

Joseph Prigogine changes Valeria with another girlAt the concert, dedicated to the release of a new album of group "Reflex" "Blondes 126", Joseph Prigogine appeared accompanied by Zhenya Malakhova.But have not had time to lie down impressions from the presentation of the first English-language album Valerie, where Prigogine did not depart from it."Today I received a text message from Eugene, after which just could not come. Though I came home tired from work. But after this message... It's a secret, she wrote," said Joseph.The presentation also introduces the ex-soloist of "Reflex" Irene Nelson. In her honor the Actresses undressed on stage. After the song ends, the girls dressed without thinking Mikey right in front of the amazed public. And on t-shirts was a portrait of Irene. Soon she came on the scene and revealed the secret of her disappearance from the show business. It turns out that she is preparing a new solo project in English, and contrary to rumors in the group not going to come back."The band and without me delightful," said Irina. I don't blonde at all, see for yourself! Blondes on stage should be only three." To the question if she wants to sing along with "the Reflex", Nelson replied: "Let them first sing, we enjoy their voices. And then, somewhere through the years dtsat (laughs), this idea may be relevant"."Contrary to rumors, we have not disappeared. We just engaged in the creation of her solo project. This is a very long question. We gathered musicians - live music - that's another story. Dubai us is used as a creative Playground, to retire to work", - said the producer Vyacheslav Tyurin.Among the guests it was possible to notice the parents of the hero of the occasion, and Alain Vodonaeva, Irina Dubcova, Archie, Pauline Smolova. Besides Joseph Prigogine, the concert was another famous producer Victor Drobysh.Also the presentation was attended by young man and Zhenya Malakhova, dancer Dima Bilan. However, in public couple for some reason did not show their relationship. Source: Joseph Prigogine changes Valeria with another girl.

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