Stas Pieha left one girl in a nightclub

Stas Pieha left one girl in a nightclubOn the set of the series "Love is not show business" with "Muz" the singer jumped ardent admirer Edita Piekha and a pure heart began offering Stas a jar of homemade jam.Stas refused delicacy currant, but the man didn't give up. To interrupt this awkward for the singer of the moment could only command the Director of "Stop! Cut!".The scenario Stas (by the way, he plays himself) went to a restaurant to make amends in front of his girlfriend Maya. Beloved Peha, played by singer Renata, ticked off at him because of the fact that he left her alone in a nightclub. But the talk is not destined to take place. The most interesting place he was interrupted dishwasher in a restaurant, caught an avid fan of Edita Piekha. Young people have to leave the school, and discussing important issues. How things will develop their relationship? Look at "Muz" Monday through Thursday at 18.30!By the way, in addition to Stas Pyekha in the series "Love is not show business" was attended by other stars: Sveta Svetikova, Potap, Zapashny brothers, Tom Chaos ("dirty rotten scoundrels"), Ilya Durov ("Dynamite") and many others. Source: Stas Pieha left one girl in a nightclub.

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