Galkin did not want to talk about Pugacheva

Galkin did not want to talk about PugachevaMaxim Galkin and to start a relationship with Alla Pugacheva was quite popular and the inattention of the press could not complain.Now, when close friends of comedian is the Diva herself, his persona became even more interesting for fans and journalists.As already experienced in such matters people, Galkin to communicate with the press fit carefully. So, in a recent interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Maxim told about myself, but here to talk about Alla Pugacheva didn't want to.On the question about the personal qualities of the singer Galkin responded quite florid."Pugacheva all quality - good. Alla Borisovna if he wants to talk about their qualities, the one doing it, " said Maxim. - I always thought that Allah does not like when someone says what it is. Certainly, Alla generous souls, reliable. But, you know, any definition would be inadequate. It is difficult for some phrase to denote a non-trivial"."Any question about human qualities reminds me of the joke about the test in a fashion magazine," added the comedian. - ...If you're good, add yourself to 200 points, evil - 100 points. If you are beautiful - plus 100 points, ugly - plus 10. If you are smart - plus 10 points, blunt - plus 1. If you scored 111, you vile evil bastard. So the qualities I don't like to tell".With a lot more pleasure Maxim Galkin says. According to the comedian, rumors about the closing of "Who wants to be a millionaire" is not true."A year ago I walked away from the set, because the program moved to a new pavilion, where everything was not suitable for filming," explains Maxim. - I left the ground just for that reason. But then we agreed, the producers created normal conditions, and the shooting took place. The only reason that the program may be off the air, it is the decision of the leadership of the First channel. I never asked, and never this issue was not raised. As far as I know, the ratings of "Millionaire" is very good, it is watched and loved by the audience". Source: Galkin did not want to talk about Pugacheva.

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