Britney Spears is once again becoming a mom

Britney Spears is once again becoming a momBritney Spears in the few months that takes care of her father Jamie Spears, was quite different. Using alcohol and drugs and impresses everyone with his wild antics Britney is no more.But there is another Brittany, who goes to the gym, sunbathing on the beach, starring in the popular sitcom and wants to care for her children.These positive changes are noticed and in court, the newspaper writes Us Weekly. Tuesday during the regular session on the case about custody of young sons Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline, the singer was allowed to spend more time with the kids.Recall that custody is now only Kevin. After the January incident, when Spears refused at the appointed hour to return the children to the father, the singer was taken to the hospital, and kids Sean Preston and Jayden James had to be taken by the police.Then Britney has lost the right to even see his children. This was followed by several more weeks, during which the singer was acting more than strange. It ended in hospitalization, Spears acknowledged incapable, and now all things knows her father. The mother of actress Lynn Spears also takes an active part in her daughter's life.Britney Spears parental care went only benefit. "We are so pleased with Britney progress, and we appreciate that this progress was noticed and in court," said Jamie and Lynn after the meeting.Lawyer Kevin Federline, mark Vincent Kaplan also noted that the court was satisfied with the changes. As said Kaplan, now Britney Spears will spend with the children more time than before. According to the lawyer, it was a step in the right direction."The children are well, and this is important," noted Kaplan. - Still made for it." As the lawyer says, the More wants in the lives of his sons attended by both parents. So his change in the status of Spears only please.Now the singer will be able to see the children three times a week, though under the supervision of a specialist of the guardianship. In addition, Britney will be able to pick up his sons on mother's Day.From the courthouse Britney Spears came out with a smile on his face, with his parents. It's not like the old Britney that did not appear in court, then left, not even out of the car. Source: Britney Spears is once again becoming a mom.

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