To Nicholas Karachentsov will not return the connected speech

To Nicholas Karachentsov will not return the connected speechFamous actor Nikolai Karachentsov, as we have already mentioned, was treated at the St. Petersburg Institute of the brain. The best artist in the walls of the institution was at first strictly classified, but then close the artist and the doctors finally agreed to lift the veil of secrecy.The main problems Nikolay Karachentsov has arisen. After severe brain damage, the actor was never able to fully recover and still speaks and understands a foreign language. As many experts say, hope for Nikolay Petrovich is not too serious an injury he received.But the Director of the Institute of human brain Russian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of RAS Svyatoslav Medvedev has a different opinion on this."Adult each phase, each group of neurons in the brain is already trained, acquired a "specialty," explains the Director of the brain Institute. Is like the training of recruits - after calling each of them receives specialty: one becomes a minesweeper, the other gunner, the third chef. And if the sapper was killed, to teach cooks of his skills, of course, possible, but it will take time. And a speech - if the lost neurons, which "was in charge" it before the injury or illness to other cells specialize to perform this function. But it is not easy. The treatment course in our Institute lasts up to 4 months.".

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