Kirkorov did not give offense to their fans

Kirkorov did not give offense to their fansMoscow will host a new series of commemorative concerts of Philip Kirkorov. 15-30 April Operetta theatre will once again plunge into the fabulous carnival - there will come Mr. Holiday, to give joy to his fans and friends. But miracles start now.This year tickets to the concert of Philip Kirkorov provided unprecedented protection against forgery. They have 11 degrees. This is a unique case in the history of Russian show business. For example, tickets for the only in Moscow, Madonna had "only" eight degrees of protection, however, as 50-ruble banknote Bank of the Russian Federation.The organizers hope that such measures will eliminate the possibility of counterfeit tickets and no one will spoil the holiday. Source: Kirkorov did not give offense to their fans.

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