Beauty demi Moore supports leeching

Beauty demi Moore supports leeching46-year-old actress demi Moore proved that she's willing to go to great lengths for rejuvenation. During one of the talk shows on American television ex-wife of Bruce Willis has admitted that she's a fan of leech therapy, reports the Daily Mail.The star, who is married to 30-year-old actor Ashton Ketcherom, said he recently visited Austria, where he pioneered this therapy. "I was always interested in things that are good for health. I was in Austria and took a course of purification, part of which was leech therapy," said Moore."But it was no ordinary swamp leeches, and specially trained medical. Leech therapy has a long history - ancient Egyptian doctors believed that leeches can cure anything," added the actress."They have a special enzyme, which they release when they bite and prolonged bleeding. It purifies the blood. Now I feel very clean. First, we conducted a test with one leech, which put me on the stomach. I watched it all the more filled with blood, and then satiated, she just fell off"."At first you feel worse, but then better," said Moore, adding that he plans to return to Austria to continue treatment with leeches. Source: Beauty demi Moore supports leeching.

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