Britney Spears returned all the powers

Britney Spears returned all the powersThe California court took the father of Britney Spears right to control his daughter's lifeCaring Jamie lowered the turbulent momentum crazy life Britney, forbidding her: pink wig, hasty purchases (cars, animals and houses), loafing on hotels.But the court decided that more stringent measures to divas do not need to apply.- The crisis is over. Britney receives quality medical care, " concluded the judge.However, the court did not consider that Jamie also shielded his dissolute daughter from numerous paparazzi (her pictures in ridiculous situations were less likely to get in magazines) than saved at least the remnants of her stellar reputation.And went out of control, Britney will begin its dizzying escapades. Although it may judge ourselves lovers to look at the photo degradation Spears in numerous editions?! Source: Britney Spears returned all the powers.

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