Pregnant Jolie became ill on the plane

Pregnant Jolie became ill on the planeHollywood star Angelina Jolie, who is rumored, is three months pregnant, fainted during the flight from Iraq to the USA.As you know, Jolie, who is goodwill Ambassador for the UN in early February, visited Iraq on a humanitarian mission. At the end of an 18 hour flight back from Baghdad to Los Angeles, the star suddenly became ill.An eyewitness told the magazine Life & Style: "she had swelling of the legs, nose bleeding and cramps. She fainted in the chair." To help the actress, the doctors put her oxygen mask.While Angelina refused the offer to land the plane before, stating that he had promised his children to be home for dinner.This pregnancy is Jolie's second. Two years ago, they have brad pitt was born the daughter of Shiloh. Say, now Angelina is waiting for his beloved twins. Source: Pregnant Jolie became ill on the plane.

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