Dima Bilan has postponed their wedding

Dima Bilan has postponed their weddingWedding Dima Bilan, the winner of the contest "Eurovision - 2008", and model Lena Kuletskaya in the near future is not expected.This was stated by the artist himself, answering questions from fans during a straight line, held immediately after his return from Belgrade."...I think that it is impossible to coincide with such serious things to some events. This is quite a serious event in the life of every person, I have a serious relationship with Lena, and I wish it lasted a long time, but to this step, we are probably not ready yet...", - said Dima.Recall that the rumors about the wedding of Dima Bilan and Elena Kuletskaya become the object of speculation by homophobic attitude of journalists, in particular in the mouth of the infamous Vladimir Solovyov. No later than may 25 in his blog he said that now the album is a "must marry, as promised." Such attention to Solovyov personal life Bilan is because the artist's performances in the semi-final it seemed too corny, out of his mouth sounded and hints of homosexuality singer. However, the final output Bilan on stage, he was satisfied: "Removed, shall we say, excessive sweetness. And even in the frame regularly appeared girls!!! Although somehow embraced still boys...", - 's sarcastic father of a numerous family.In my next post Soloviev develops the theme, stating that "a growing number of revealing and samarasosexy messages from fans Bilan makes..." it "...worry about the fate of young talent. Supposedly among fans Bilan "too many people" "really gay", "unbalanced", "just deeply mentally ill". Gays and the sick - a fairly typical number, which he especially likes to build Mr. Solovyov.The "blue" theme repeatedly raised throughout the career of Dima Bilan. Different kind of jokes on this theme became the basis of the discussion of the artist's performance on the MTV TV channel on the day of the competition, they dominated in the comments in a live TV channel "Russia". Homosexuality Bilan as discussed in connection with the name of the late producer Yuri ayzenshpisa and around the name of businessman Victor Baturin, the Foundation of which two years ago supported the statement by Bilan on Eurovision - 2006", where the artist became only the second.Three weeks before the release Bilan on stage of "Eurovision - 2008" new producer artist Yana Rudkovskaya allegedly lost phone with sms correspondence with his then spouse Victor botulinum. Its content was leaked to the press by the publication, which, as a rule, write about Bilan Rudkovskaya and only good. In correspondence in clear text spoke of "love" Victor Baturin, the brother-in-law Yury Luzhkov) the young artist. Rudkovskaya sent husband different coarseness, directly characterizing features of its attachment to the Bilan. The refutation of this correspondence then followed only by businessman Victor Baturin.Yana Rudkovskaya, usually rudely denies any rumors of homosexuality of his ward. She echoed her new friend Evgeni Plushenko. At a press conference after returning from Belgrade, he ambiguously named Philip Kirkorov (actively cooperating with botulinum) Philip Bedrosovichem. Under this clause the company all burst out laughing, and then correct it (the name of the father of the artist - Bedros)... Kirkorov left the press conference hall, and later demanded an apology.The Dima Bilan rumors about homosexuality and even gay wedding cause lately irritation... "I've never been involved in such things! - said the singer of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in February 2007. - I like girls!.. That's ridiculous". Source: Dima Bilan postponed their wedding.

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