Famous English magician admitted con man

Famous English magician admitted con manFamous English magician and sword Nigel Hardman found guilty of fraudulent receipt of social assistance, reports the Telegraph.Within six months he will be under the supervision of the authorities and will not be able to leave the house after seven o'clock in the evening.The court of Blackpool found that 40-year-old Hardman in the period from 2002 to 2006 he received disability benefits, but continued to work as a postal employee, the seller of the window frame and an insurance agent. Thus he deceived the government about $ 18 thousand pounds (35 dollars).Nigel Hardman, who played on stage under the name Prince Razak, famous in England for its tricks with swallowing fire and swords, and also bathing in broken glass. The peak of his career was winning the TV competition in the program "the Big Breakfast", where he was able to free himself from a straitjacket while standing on nails.In the end, losing a job, Hardman owes nearly 100 thousand pounds (195 thousand dollars) and can be declared bankrupt. In addition, he will have to return to the state all money received as disability benefits. Source: Famous English magician admitted con man.

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