Wife of Oscar Kuchera was hiding from his son

Wife of Oscar Kuchera was hiding from his sonOskar Kuchera's happy with his current wife Julia. Together, the couple has two sons, and their first little girl gave birth secretly from Oscar.This love story may seem incredible. The Oscar and Julia wonder how this could happen."With Julia our story began long ago, seven years ago. One day I wandered into a fashion store, and the saleswoman there was a girl that I have inside like something exploded. It seemed that she looks like Nelly Furtado is a singer that I really liked, " recalls Oscar. - In General, I fell in love with Julia at first sight".By the way, Oscar was not so popular, and he likes beauty didn't even recognize him. Says the Coachman, she acted friendly, but reserved. Your phone number new friend Julia still left.Between young people started an affair, but then at the urging of Julia relationship had to stop. She was a civilian spouse, and the girl did not want to tear down the old relationship."I stopped calling her, although it was a fearful, - Frank Oscar. - Friends asked: "Well how's your Nelly Furtado?" - "Nothing really". In a few years so suddenly wanted to see her, plucked up courage and called her again and asked to meet. Met once, then twice, then again and again... the same sensations experienced: together extremely well... but! Again a dead end. I was proprietary... of Course, Yulia did not hide it. We met several times, and then I lost Yulkin the phone to call her could not, and she was gone. No text messages, no call. But to find did not, even though he knew where she lived. What? Nothing serious after all, couldn't offer...".

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