Buzova saw Tretyakova with a new lover

Buzova saw Tretyakova with a new lover The intrigue with the separation-reunion of one of the most famous couples "House-2" ended in a very ugly way. Roman Tretyakov found himself a new girl outside of telestroyki, Olga Buzova remained on the project, one trying still love to build.Viewers almost every day in the broadcast channel TNT watched abandoned and crying Olga Buzova. Many believe that the Roma had been very unfair. Not to forget: the pair were together for four years.When last year Tretyakov left the project due to family circumstances, he at first could not decide whether to meet with Olga outside of telestroyki. Then the guy said that he had another girl. According to Tretyakov, the new girlfriend is a much stronger feeling than Buzova.Olga gradually calmed down and after some time after the rupture with Roma even started to accept the advances of other young people. But a few days ago at the birthday party of their mutual friend Olga and Roman met again.Moreover, Tretyakov was not alone but with a companion. The witnesses of this meeting noted an interesting fact: new girl Tretyakov very similar Butovo externally.Novel at the party did not pay to his ex girlfriend any attention, but hugging and kissing with a new. After watching this, Olga returned to the "House-2" upset.The girl immediately went to Sasha Kharitonova and cried in her room. According to Buzova, ex-fiance does not behave like a man. Knowing how OLE it hurts to see him in the arms of another, he continued his attentions to the new company. Buzova it was doubly a shame, because now she was alone and next to it there is no man on whom she could rely."I never showed my feelings," said Buzova, but in my thoughts I wanted to break him and her to pieces!" Source: Buzova saw Tretyakova with a new lover (photos).

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