Lindsay Lohan will star in a low-budget film

Lindsay Lohan will star in a low-budget filmHeadache Hollywood troublemaker Lindsay Lohan plans to play Nude. Red-haired star will play the waitress, a woman suffering from nymphomania. Lindsay believes that the only way she will be able to become a real, Mature actress.Drama with a romantic name "Florence" is a low-budget, so the fee star is only 40 thousand dollars. The producers want to see starring the young and successful actress, which is a 21-year-old Lindsay, writes British newspaper the Sun.For interesting roles Lindsay agreed to undress for a minimal fee. The actress is famous for the scandalous reputation - she has not once been in trouble with the law, and the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Lindsay was even brought to trial for driving under the influence. Provocation is one of the main weapons Lohan. Recall that for an actress is not the first time Frank shooting in February of this year, Lindsay participated in a photo shoot for New York magazine. Lohan appeared on the pages of the magazine in the image of Marilyn Monroe - traditional red hair covered his bright wig, and the body is transparent scarf.But this time Lindsay went on. Now viewers don't have to think out - actress will appear Topless in the seven scenes of the film. "She's full of energy, her body perfectly. Lindsay wants to build the image of a talented, capable and Mature Actresses", say its producers. Source: Lindsay Lohan will star in a low-budget film.

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