Verka Serduchka-dancing with a raccoon

Verka Serduchka-dancing with a raccoon In the new video "do Re Mi" Ukrainian Cinderella goes to Tbilisi and Baku on the rarity "the Seagull", is dancing with a raccoon and becomes a fairy.In the video after the concert Serdyuchka accepts compliments from fans who praise her songs in English. And after listening to what they say about her, really: she had a creative crisis and each song is worse than the previous one.In frustration Serdyuchka closes in the toilet and comes up with there new song "do Re Mi", which is slang for musicians mean categorical response to the machinations of the envious.We shot the video very quickly, in just one take, " said the Director of the clip semen Gorov Agency "Success".Despite the previously made statement about parting with walk because of the star, Serdyuchka has remained true to their headdress. But changed the length of the skirt: playful songs she tried on the mini.- And Serdyuchka-shaped - we took off her coat and was dressed in a form-fitting dress, says stylist clip Angela Fox. She even joked about it: "I like after liposuction. Just Baskov?!" Source: Verka Serduchka-dancing with a raccoon (photo).

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