The Germans did not appreciate the Russian `people's artists`

The Germans did not appreciate the Russian `people's artists`Big tour "people's artists" in Germany began with an unpleasant incident - German hooligans smashed the bus of the Russian actors.These days graduates of the project "the national actor" Alexey Goman, Alexander Panayotov and Alexey Chumakov successfully perform in concert halls in Germany. The guys I worked with sold out two concerts in Cologne and Hamburg.However, German foreign land is not given to the actors to relax. The success of the concerts was marred by the behavior of the Germans. In Cologne the next after the speech the morning, when the artists left the hotel and went to his concert the bus, they found that it had knocked out all the glass. The bus was cordoned off by local police.As it turned out, the guards managed to arrive on time before the criminals managed to get on the bus and to take away from it expensive concert costumes artists, musical instruments, electronics and more. However, the attackers managed to escape safely from the scene, and so far none of them have not been caught.Crumpled bus organizers of the tour artists replaced. And to calm children after suffering their stress, they made an unscheduled tour of Hamburg. Source: the Germans did not appreciate the Russian "people's artists"".

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