Star of `the boys` - an exact copy of her mom

Star of `the boys` - an exact copy of her mom Some of the world's male stars owe their dear moms much more than proper upbringing and delicious hot Lunches. Some of the coolest Hollywood guys - exact copy of a beloved mother.They can be rich and famous, but at the same time, partly to stay sissies.Tom cruise is known not only as the most annoying and tedious, and as the owner of the notorious Hollywood smile. Moreover, this interesting feature Cruz must first of all not miracle whitening means and skill of the dentist and his beloved mother Mary. However, when the mother and son appear together, others are strongly encouraged to wear sunglasses from dazzling smiles in such quantity eye cuts.Robbie Williams - bully, playful and just adorable boy with mischievous eyes. Oh! How many millions of girls sigh for those enchanting eyes... no Wonder that in his time they had deceived Herself Nicole Kidman! I think it's a skill image-makers? No, it's the genes of his mother, Jenny Williams.Brad pitt is a sex - symbol, a classy actor, a man with a capital M. But we're digging through the family photo archives. This charming smile and glance, penetrating into the most secret recesses of the soul, " good job mommy Jane.Sylvester Stallone on the screen, and in life he sees the look in her eyes, as though he had promocional 10 rounds in a row with Mr. T. Look at Jackie Stallone. Once it becomes clear - this "tired from the Madding crowd" look - a hereditary trait.A role model more recently fashionable generation of metrosexuals, David Beckham began his career under the watchful eye of his father. And mom Sandra "controlled" if the son of a strong-willed chin and a bit cheeky smile.Another good example, how is the smile on the legacy of Sir Elton John. Sheila Farebrother, the mother of the singer, are entirely responsible for the habit to smile broadly and openly demonstrate a number of teeth.Johnny Depp is another handsome, owes its elegant appearance healthy heredity. Mrs. Betty Depp gave her son languid eyes and aristocratic lines of the mouth.Jay Kay, lead singer of the popular band Jamiroquai, was lucky. Inherited from his mother Karen Kay, comedic actress, he got not only a mischievous smile, and a remarkable acting talent. In short, show business is a family affair.Hot macho Antonio Banderas affects women's hearts wise look kind brown eyes. Exact copy of my mother's - seniors Ana Banderas.Lord of maidens ' hearts Orlando bloom is almost an exact copy of her mother. Although magical elven appearance is not the only merit of Sony bloom. Mrs. bloom after spouse's death - Orlando was only 4 years - diligently instilled in his son a love of art and encouraged his passion for theater.Matt Damon can be proud of their parents. Especially mom - Nancy Carlsson Paige, PhD, is a woman with kind blue eyes and open face. Brilliant mind and good looks at Damon in the family.Ewan McGregor has made a contribution to the struggle for equality of the sexes, making their luxury male body in a sexual object. After watching exhibitionistic film "Notes at the bedside," father, teacher, sent Evan to Fax a positive note: "I'm glad you inherited my main virtue". As far as the eyes, eyebrows, nose and other facial features, this credit belongs to Carol McGregor.Lonely Mae Carmichael - matching inogenone. Mommy Pierce Brosnan was able to provide not only attractive appearance but also good education. In other words, one of the most stylish and visually appealing 007 we owe exclusively to Mrs. Carmichael.And finally, a family photo of Jake Gyllenhaal. His mother Naomi was invited to cross the mother of famous actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Now, according to critics, Jake is one of the most promising actors of the generation of the 25-year-old. Yes, with such a godmother and such memorable facial features - just like mom's - success Jake assured. Although the talent of the guy not deprived. Source: Star "boys" - an exact copy of her mom (photo).

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