Baturin requires to remove the radio all songs Bilan

Baturin requires to remove the radio all songs BilanThe divorce process Yana Rudkovskaya and Viktor Baturin at the outset promised to be scandalous. After a lull in the family again ready to run wild storm.This time it comes to Dima Bilan. Production artist worked Yana Rudkovskaya, but stood her wealthy husband. Yana says that Viktor Nikolayevich long been irrelevant to the project of Dima Bilan. But Baturin a different opinion.Viktor Baturin now requires to remove the radio all songs by that artist, according to "Russian news service". The corresponding letter was received in the "Russian media group" signed Baturina - the Director of the Russian Cultural Foundation "our Debts". The letter States that all rights to the work Bilan belong to this organization.Yana Rudkovskaya in this situation intends to compete with almost former spouse and to defend their right to continue working with Bilan."I never thought that a man can fight with a woman," says Jan. - But, nevertheless, Viktor Nikolaevich probably thought that after I took the award for best producer of the Bones Meladze, very few producers of women in the country, he decided that I probably now ready to compete with him forces. But I want him to be upset. The fact that the forces to compete with him I finished in court only on all our questions. Victor botulinum Dima Bilan never signed any contract. Never Viktor Baturin had nothing to Dima Bilan. He was at one time a sponsor of Dima, but all the money he invested in Dima, long ago returned to him".As later told himself Baturin, he gave oral consent to the placement of the songs of Dima Bilan on the radio "Russian media group"."I like the songs from the album "time is a river", why should I deprive listeners?", he said. Source: Baturin requires to remove the radio all songs Bilan.

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