`Fabricante` Zara prepares for the imminent wedding

`Fabricante` Zara prepares for the imminent weddingThe graduate of "factory of stars" by Alla Pugacheva singer Zara mgoyan soon going to become the wife of businessman Sergei Ivanov. Wedding lovers plan to play in the summer.Recall, Zara has become famous not only because of his vocal talent. At the time she appeared on the pages of Newspapers as first the bride, then wife, and then ex-wife of Sergei Matviyenko, son of St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko.For the sake of the elect Zara changed his faith and became Orthodox, but the marriage did not last long. Two years after the wedding, the singer divorced her husband and went to the "Factory of stars".Who knows, maybe thanks to the TV show bright brunette noticed the businessman Sergey Ivanov. They say he fell in love with the beauty at first sight and decided in whatever was to get her location.Romance develops so rapidly that hide the relationship made no sense, writes the newspaper "Smena". Zara, are usually modest and very closed in all that relates to personal life, she had told them everything."I'm happy," the singer said. - The wedding is scheduled for July. But I am very afraid to jinx it. So, apparently, it is my destiny that I fall in love alone Serezha. I hope that this man will be the only, last and most favorite". Source: "Fabricante" Zara prepares for the imminent wedding.

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