I Domogarova has a new girlfriend

I Domogarova has a new girlfriendActor Alexander Domogarov after her failed marriage to Natalia gromushkina and protracted affair with Marina Alexandrova some time to be left alone. They say that now the artist has a new woman.Alexander now lives mostly in his dacha. The apartment on Malaya Gruzinskaya't seen him for a very long time.After the performances, and Domogarov still busy in the Mossovet theatre in productions of "Cyrano de Bergerac" and "My poor Marat", the artist goes to his country house.According to neighbors, a visit to the actor in recent times, would often come some beautiful brown-eyed brunette. And the guard let in a stranger into the house, even in the absence of the owner, writes "Express newspaper".Himself Domogarov about his personal life doesn't like to tell. However, if you believe the rumors, the house he built for his former lover Marina Alexandrova. But relations with a young actress Alexander did not happen. When construction was completed, the actor settled there alone.In the absence of a new friend's company Domogarov are the guards, zhivushie in a separate house on site, and two dogs elite breed cane Corso.By the way, in Moscow the actor returned not so long ago. Some time he spent in Poland on the film "Flying Cyprian". As the Director says Marina Angel-Balkanska, Alexander got one of the most charismatic and complex characters. Marina calls Domogarova "discovery" and is proud to be personally brought him into the picture."I am happy that the Russian star has agreed to appear," says the Director. The historical picture of the "Flying Cyprian" will appear not earlier than 2009. Source: Domogarova has a new girlfriend.

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