Maksim is not afraid of revenge Pugacheva

Maksim is not afraid of revenge PugachevaIn our country it is customary to believe that almost all business runs on stage Alla Pugacheva. Young performers who patronizes Alla Borisovna, usually luck.Singer Maksim in the number of Pets Divas have entered, but to worry about it not going.Recall, at the end of last year, Pugacheva struck out a young artist from the list of participants of "Song of the year". After that Maksim was not afraid unflattering things to say about the singer, write "Arguments and facts".Apparently, the girl is not afraid that one day the Diva will block her oxygen. "People who I could "strangle" and nauticat spokes in the wheels, have repeatedly tried to do it, " said the young star of show business. - A strange girl who she writes the songs, arrange them herself, she sings, and even collects "Olympic", it is clear that many in show business annoying...".

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