Sarah Michelle Gellar - charming vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar - charming vampire Slayer The script is about how a beautiful girl wets herself different inhumans, Sarah loved it. "He was so well-written that I wanted to play at least some role!" says Gellar.First, she auditioned for "some" role - the role of Cordelia. And then suddenly in Sara woke up the nerve and she said: "I want to be Buffy!!!" In the interview the actress read the proposed text several times. The producers thought the girl too "green" for the Central role. However, after few minutes she called again. "Well, read it again!" - said one of the acceptors. And suddenly the "green retorted:"I can't do it again! You all need me here?", then threw a tantrum and got the part.A generally peaceful girl Sarah were not as aggressive in life as she seems on screen. Recently, after the wedding with her lover, Sarah gave him a Grand gift: because "they" decided not to take her husband's surname after the wedding, Sarah has done quite the opposite. She specifically became the "namesake" of her husband. Source: Sarah Michelle Gellar - charming vampire Slayer (photo).

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