Zavorotnyuk told the truth about breaking up with Zhigunov

Zavorotnyuk told the truth about breaking up with ZhigunovThe last time the personal life of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is again under public scrutiny. To break Sergey Zhigunov has become a sensation and has caused a lot of rumors and gossip.The actress decided to dot the "i" and spoke to the magazine "7 days" the truth about his breakup with Sergey Zhigunov."I told Sergei about the break after the New year. Can't say that our relationship has deteriorated. No. They simply did not. We broke up without screaming, swearing, smashing crockery. Heartily sorry for having failed to convince Sergei to officially announce the separation. I was sure it had to be done immediately. In the end, come the chronological confusion that I was so afraid. Now and only write that I changed giganova. Although there is a grain of truth. Another man came into my life much later, we decided to leave," admits the actress.We are talking about the famous figure skater Peter Tchernyshev, who, according to rumors, now the novel "the perfect nanny". Anastasia, after weighing the mistakes of the previous novels, I decided not to hide now."I want to officially declare that we meet with Peter. We started Dating at the end of March, he, if I may say so, my official satellite. Peter is the man with whom I would like to always be together," Frank Zavorotnyuk.Peter and Anastasia met in late August at the beginning of the ice show. Then the actress knew quite a bit about Peter: he's a five-time U.S. champion in figure skating that had travelled to Russia to participate in the project and that his co-star will be dancing singer Julia Kovalchuk."With Peter, our relationship has been a foregone conclusion. Determined their one and only opinion. In the very first day I had to declare a couple of Julia and Petit. Loudly petino the name, declared all his regalia. Petya with Julia arrived. And then I caught Pettine opinion... it had so much - and surprise, and joy, and openness, and confidence, and calm! Still remember that look and the sensations: I was like an electric shock. Since then I was afraid to look Pete in the eye," recalls love with the actress.To meet they started much later. Zavorotnyuk asked Peter to teach her how to skate, she was terrified of the ice. Joint dinners, night-long talk did the trick, Zavertnik again felt the wings on his back. The only thing the actress was afraid that her new lover will not accept her children and parents. But Peter liked both. Now that Chernyshev goes to the USA, misses him not only Anastasia, but her entire family."Once the house during a Christmas dinner, looking at Peter and my family, I suddenly found myself thinking, been dreaming about it: in the home of peace and quiet. And now I fear nothing. Thats all, nothing to add here... As it turns out, quite a bit-and we need to be happy. And I first time in many years, perfectly happy. Maybe I still have that right?!" Source: Zavorotniuk told the truth about breaking up with Zhigunov.

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