Kate moss lost a new collection of clothes

Kate moss lost a new collection of clothesBritish airline British Airways lost Luggage supermodel Kate moss. Eight suitcases filled to the brim with novelties of the season spring-fall 2008, were lost in the London airport.Two weeks ago, 34-year-old model and her five year old daughter flew in from London to Los Angeles, but his Luggage was unable to obtain even a few days later. In eight bags and suitcases were not only personal belongings, but and a designer line that was released Kate for the popular clothing brand. Presentation of the new collection was disrupted.In search of exclusive clothes were thrown all forces of the company, but managed to find only six of the eight suitcases. According to British newspaper the Daily Mail, the contents of unfound Luggage model is estimated in 10 thousand pounds.Kate moss, one of the most popular and sought after models of the last decade, known for the scandalous character. But this time the matter was resolved peacefully - Kate filed a lawsuit. But Naomi Campbell to restrain anger failed - after learning about the loss of bags, model throw a tantrum, and the police even had to withdraw her from the airport in handcuffs.Recall that these unpleasant situation occurred during the failure of a new terminal at London Heathrow airport. Automatic handling of goods found to be faulty and are unable to cope with the huge flow of baggage, resulting in suffered not only a supermodel, but thousands of ordinary citizens. Source: Kate moss has lost a new collection of clothes.

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