Unusual buy pitt and Jolie

Unusual buy pitt and JolieBrad pitt and Angelina Jolie do not cease to give reasons for gossip. On this the occasion was an unusual buy a pair.As reported MIGnews, they bought an archipelago consisting of several hundreds of artificial Islands and constructed near the shoreline Arab Emirates.The General form of the archipelago repeats the shape of the continents of the Earth and has a pretentious name "the world". It is anticipated that the project will be completed by 2008. All the Islands will be sold to private owners.The exact amount of the transaction were not disclosed, but perhaps we are talking about the amount of 25-30 million dollars. The Islands divide the Straits of a width of 50 to 100 meters. The cost of such luxury housing from 7 million to 1.8 billion US dollars. Source: Unusual buy pitt and Jolie.

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