Scientists have found the Friedrich Schiller in his grave

Scientists have found the Friedrich Schiller in his graveA group of German and Austrian physicians and anthropologists who studied the skull of the German dramatist and poet Friedrich Schiller, buried in Weimar, came to the conclusion that it belongs to another person.Another skull, which also would be expected to be a skull Schiller, according to DNA tests, also turned out to be somebody else, the Guardian writes. According to the Associated Press in Weimar grave skeleton Schiller is bogus: it is made from the bones of several different people. Where are the authentic remains of the author of "Mary Stuart" and "Wallenstein" is unknown.Friedrich Schiller died in 1805 and was buried in Weimar in a common grave. In 1826 the town mayor decided to rebury the poet with honors, but when the exhumation from a mass grave was extracted 23 of the skull. The largest of these found belonging to Schiller. In 1911 physician August von Froriep showed the public one more "authentic" skull Schiller. Modern physicians have examined two skulls, comparing their DNA with the DNA of relatives of the poet - his sister, son and grandson, as well as DNA samples from the hair Schiller. All the tests pointed to the fact that the fabric remains belonged to different people.According to the researchers, it is possible that the remains of Schiller could be stolen from the grave in the nineteenth century. Source: Scientists have found the Friedrich Schiller in his grave.

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