At the Cannes premiere of `Indiana Jones` and it's a lot of stars

At the Cannes premiere of `Indiana Jones` and it's a lot of stars Yesterday at the Cannes film festival premiere of the film "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull". 19 years have passed since the publication of the last part of the legendary epic adventure from Steven Spielberg.It was directed by Steven Spielberg, producer George Lucas, starring Harrison Ford, cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, ray Winstone, Shia LaBeouf and others. In addition, the website Gossip Girls, the premiere lit up such admirers of the famous Director like Natalie Portman and Salma Hayek (see our photo gallery).The plot of the film, which were kept secret until the last moment, were quite unexpected. As reported Газета.Ru the action takes place in 1957. In the beginning of the film the hero, Harrison Ford captured Soviet agents hunting the secrets of the FBI, who referred to the findings in Roswell (there are believed to be in the 1940-ies landed "plate", and were found the bodies of alien visitors). At the head of the "Russian" is fatal brunette Irina Spalko, the former favorite of Stalin, played by cate Blanchett. On the "urgent request" Stalin falcons Indiana Jones is searching for an ancient crystal skull, referring to the era of the ancient Maya. The film, notes that is an ancient legend according to which the connection 13 Mayan crystal skulls are capable of giving to mankind important and new knowledge.In wide release adventures iconic archaeologist will appear on may 22. Until then, you can see the trailer for the new releases:Source: the Cannes premiere of "Indiana Jones" came many more stars (photos).

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