Yagudin and parted Savelieva

Yagudin and parted Savelieva"Fabricante" Alexander Savelyev and figure skater Alexei Yagudin put an end to his short-lived but passionate affair.One of the most romantic couples of the popular project of the First channel "Ice age" collapsed. Conqueror ice Alexei Yagudin took his last suitcase from cozy little apartment the once-beloved star of "fabricante" 24 year old Sasha Savelieva.TIFF- Yes, Alex broke up a few weeks ago - sadly told "Z" beauty Alexander. - At one point we just stopped to understand each other. It's a shame, of course, but nothing can be done - trying to calm yourself girl.Usually talkative and smiling, Sasha, the stories of close friends, grieved the separation from loved ones.- Now I have and without a lot of things besides work I pass exams, so time to get upset, no, " smiled helplessly Sasha.Bandmates - Sati Casanova and Irina Toneva - struggling to support my friend. But they understand that to overcome the pain in the soul of the sachet will help only time... and a new feeling.RelationshipMet young people on the project of the First channel "Ice age". From the outset between the singer and figure skater flared mutual sympathy, which grew into something more after a star 'fabricante" left ice project. Romance developed rapidly. Sasha came to all the training leschi, Yagudin - on all performances of "Factory". Soon Alex and even moved into the apartment of his beloved.- We are very happy for Sasha, not tired then repeat girlfriends in the group of Sati and the Ira. They and Alex - a beautiful couple.Sorry, ice extravaganza was short-lived. Ice, alas, moved on. Source: Yagudin and parted Savelieva.

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