Diana Gurtskaya will represent Georgia at `Eurovision`

Diana Gurtskaya will represent Georgia at `Eurovision`Saturday, March 2, in Tbilisi, Georgia Diana Gurtskaya, gaining 39% of the vote, became the winner of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest from Georgia.Won Gurtskaya including through the song Kim Breitburg and Karen Kavaleryan "Peace Will Come".Candidates also have determined Belarus and Ukraine. In our country passions around the contenders flare up every day. Now the names of 25 candidates. In this list there are both popular names and is not known. Days.Ru met some artists who claim the honour of representing our country at the Eurovision song contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia.Alexander Panayotov, singer:"Everyone who participates in the contest, the victory is necessary, otherwise why would we then participate. And we come as a country that can sing. We just haven't grabbed the tail of luck, but I think the victory is close. It has already become a good tradition for me to apply for the competition. I hope that I actually ever will. Anyway, go to this steadily and annually. It is important for me to win and to win only. Will tell you of any: as soon as the contest begins, all forget the simple part and think only about winning. All the artists are ambitious people, so simple here you can't get rid of it. I hope that the audience will not vote for an idol, and for the song, and my song worthy to visit in Europe. I applied with two songs. The first is called "the cross and the Crescent". It refers to those problems that are happening now in the middle East and indeed in the world. And the second is a modern song that I've composed myself. It's about how hard it is to be together and how hard it is without each other".Alexei Vorobyov, the singer:"I'm a terrible patriot, and as a former player, I always wanted to see Russia as a world Cup champion. But if not, may we be the first ones at least at Eurovision - we already can do it! I'm a singer, poorly versed in politics and wrote "Kalinka", guided purely musical ideas. But given declared in the farewell speech of the President of our country to establish Russia world standards, my song can be considered political. I'm genuinely surprised by the desire to participate in the selection for Eurovision stars like Bilan and Lazarev, they're now the stars of the first magnitude, and must meet the contests with these European stars such as Robbie Williams. So the stars have to play in the Premier League and the Eurovision competition for emerging, such as Zhenya Otradnaya!".

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