Buffy the vampire Slayer will enter into a lesbian relationship

Buffy the vampire Slayer will enter into a lesbian relationshipIn the comic "Buffy the vampire Slayer" (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) will soon have a lesbian love affair.In the last part of the comic book series "Buffy the vampire Slayer, the eighth season", continues the Saga begun by the 1993 film of the year and picked up seven seasons of the cult television series, Buffy is distracted from his vampire duties and jumps into bed to Satsu (Satsu), friend of the Slayer.Joss Whedon (Joss Whedon, Executive producer of the comic, said ABCNEWS.com that will happen naturally and we should not marvel."We have been told that this character is Satsu is, and she's in love with Buffy, and Buffy in General lonely," said Whedon. We decided it would be funny, if they continue their relationship and bring them to logical conclusion.".

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