Stillavin became a participant of the rally

Stillavin became a participant of the rallyIn Moscow hosted the annual rally Mercedes Classic Day involving cars least 1970. Behind the wheel of one of these rarities have Sergei Stillavin.Before the start of the run at the observation deck on the Sparrow hills Sergey was in high spirits. He looked with interest all the machines, and casually congratulated the newlyweds, gently putting an arm around the bride and smiling at the camera. The presence Stillavin in the rally promised to diversify beautiful, but still a serious event witty jokes. And he had not long to wait. Before the start of the rally all cars-participants were required to come to the podium to receive the card and to show off in front of the audience. Stillavin, who was the pilot of the Mercedes 190 SL, it was not immediately apparent. Cheerful man and machine went with a good sense of humor. Reaching only to the middle of the podium, it would roll down downwards. Eventually the car, to the delight of the crew, rolled.But still before the first check point Stillavin arrived without any problems. He posed for photographers, and his Navigator was trying to figure out the way forward. But they forgot to check in. And already he pulled out into the road, Stillavin realized his mistake and quickly ran to leave "autograph" to the organizers."We locked the enemies", shouted the Stillavin, jokingly threatening to his opponent Vladimir Tishko, who were blocking the road, arrived next.The guy ran the car the year 1968 with a bright yellow interior. Behind him followed Gelandewagen. This, apparently, in case of rare car breaks down. And this was probably because he departed from the first check point, she let out a long squeal.On the way to the finish Tishko overtook Stillavin, and seeing its rival, cried: "And I'm on the subway, I'm on the subway!" From the car he came out shirtless, despite the fact that started the rally fully clothed."It was hot, although the car was charming chic. Well bare-chested girls on the road respond better. And we drove with the speed of light. Even 50 km/h was, however, only once!" - shared his impressions of Vladimir Tishko.Sergey Stillavin arrived at the finish line very happy and long prepared solemn out of the car."Generally we have not worked neither the speedometer nor the odometer. Accurate the speedometer was in miles, so always showed a lot. The horn we never found. And the brakes worked only with the second or third time" - with a laugh said Sergey.For obvious reasons, Sergey Stillavin was not included in the top three. It is located at the 21st place immediately after Vladimir Tishko, but received the prize "For will to victory". Source: Stillavin became a participant of the rally.

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