Uncle Britney Spears uncovered family secrets

Uncle Britney Spears uncovered family secretsAs it turned out, the mainstream public is not yet aware of all matters connected with the family of Britney Spears. Uncle singer decided to fix it and told journalists sensational details about the birth of her younger sister Jamie Lynn.London's the Sun newspaper today publishes the revelation of William Spears, uncles Britney and Jamie Lynn's paternal. He said that the youngest daughter was born was unplanned and are not desired by the parents. Lynn Spears got pregnant by accident, moreover, her husband then did not believe in his paternity because she was treated for infertility, and demanded a DNA test. But the tests confirmed that the baby was the biological daughter Jamie. "That's why they named her Jamie Lynn, as if to emphasize that it is the General's daughter," said William Spears.It is impossible not to notice that she is a 16 year old Jamie Lynn now repeats the fate of his mother. In the early winter have learned she was pregnant by her 18-year-old boyfriend Casey Aldridge, and this child, of course, also unplanned. Parents against marriage and forbade the young people to see. Meanwhile, Hollywood rumors about the pregnancy of Britney, but she flatly denies them, explaining its increase in weight medications that the doctors prescribe. Source: Uncle Britney Spears uncovered family secrets.

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