Kirkorov found `second` Alla Pugacheva

Kirkorov found `second` Alla PugachevaPhilip Kirkorov often "marry" on the ladies with whom he appears in society. So with Ani Lorak has been the same story. Cost him to appear at several events together with Ani, as rumors: "New passion?" Philip admits that Anya really likes...Ani and Philip met in 2002 on the set of the musical "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka" in Kiev. At first he didn't pay much attention to the girl, but at the break, having fun at the piano, she suddenly started singing... It was an absolutely amazing voice resembled the voice of Alla Pugacheva in his youth. Moreover, it became clear that lorac is well versed in the arts of the prima Donna and knows her songs. Then life pushed them on the set of the musical "the Marriage of Figaro". After that they saw each other every time Anya came to Moscow, a passing acquaintance quickly grew into a strong friendship.Philip is a Longtime fan of the Eurovision song contest. In 1995 he participated in it himself, in 1997, he went there with Alla Pugacheva, last year - with Dima Koldun, who represented Belarus. This time he, as the composer of the song Shady Lady, decided to entrust its execution Ani Lorak. Philip'm sure Ani will show a good result in the competition, and helps her to prepare for it. By the way, the song Shady Lady will take place before the "Eurovision" at the concerts of Philip Kirkorov, which will be held from 15 to 30 April in the Theater of operetta.Life for the week (#14) Source: Kirkorov has found a "second" Alla Pugacheva.

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