Britney Spears relaxes in the Villa Mel Gibson in Costa Rica

Britney Spears relaxes in the Villa Mel Gibson in Costa Rica Britney Spears went to Costa Rica. To relax, she was invited by Mel Gibson, who has there own viila on the ocean.Only yesterday we reported that old friends flew to the Caribbean nation from Los Angeles, CA private flight. And today the portal Gossip Girls already published photos frolicking on the sea of Spears. "Britney was relaxing at the full: bathing, resting, riding right on the sand in a jeep,"- quotes the edition of one of the witnesses.And here is what he wrote of Costa Rican newspaper Al Dia": "Britney, Mel, the singer's father Jamie Spears and Gibson's wife Robyn Moore has landed in San Jose and from there on a private plane immediately went to the ranch of Chalk in the North-Western area of the country of Guanacaste. Britney tried to hide from photographers under a wide umbrella. It is planned that celebrities spend on the Sunny coast just a few days and will soon return to America. Читать полностью -->

Dina Korzun broke up with her husband

Dina Korzun broke up with her husband As it became known "KP", the disorder in the family was long overdue. Dina recently worked very hard: doing charity work together with her best friend Chulpan Khamatova, acted in films.Louis was busy with his group Р•sthetic Education, which was based in Kiev. He often went on tour through Europe, and preferred to live in London, where he has his own apartment. They married in 2001, and actually met 12 years ago, at the time Dean finished School Mat. However, children they never had, the son of Timur at Korzun from his first marriage.In a divorce the spouses are not yet officially filed. Dean's comment "KP" refused. Читать полностью -->

Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers `Eurovision`

Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers `Eurovision`On the eve of the final of "Eurovision-2008", a new argument eruptedThe organizers decided to change the room the singer Diana Gurtskaya, advocating for Georgia.Nerves Gurtskaya and her team to the limit. The organizers of the competition do not accept the teachings of Directors Diana and comply with all their wishes for the decoration of the room.ScandalAs it became known "Z", to give the room Diana the maximum flavor of the Georgian delegation came up with a special lighting design performances. In order to communicate ideas, Directors Gurtskaya used to sit on the negotiations. However, the organizers of "Eurovision" are doing the exact opposite.- We have a feeling that this is done on purpose, - shares with "Z", the representative of the Georgian delegation Sergey. - For several hours we discussed what kind of light we need, and during the rehearsal they do completely different. Source: Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers of "Eurovision"". Читать полностью -->

Jodie foster has a new mistress

Jodie foster has a new mistressJodie foster broke up with his lover, with whom he lived together for 14 years, due to the fact that fell in love with another woman, reports The Sun with reference to the National Enquirer.An informed source says that the 45-year-old foster changed the producer Sidney Bernard with 51-year-old screenwriter Cindy mort, whom he met while filming The Brave One in 2006. "The love between them broke out last year and since then they are secretly Dating," says a source.Foster and 55-year-old Bernard, who is very upset with the breakup, still live together in Hollywood and raising two boys, which gave birth to foster from the unknown man. However, the actress plans to move to his new sweetheart.Jodie foster met with cydney Bernard in 1993. For seven years the lovers wore on the ring finger of the same engagement ring from Tiffany. Bernard attended two births foster. Who is the father of two sons foster, is still a mystery.The actress was first publicly announced her relationship with Bernard just last year. Читать полностью -->

Premiere animation `Star wars: the clone wars` will be held on 15 August

Premiere animation `Star wars: the clone wars` will be held on 15 AugustPremiere of the animated film based on the epic George Lucas "Star wars" "Star wars: the clone wars" will be held on August 15, 2008 in theaters in the U.S., reported representatives of the film companies Lucasfilm Ltd. and the Warner Bros.After the release of "the clone Wars" on the big screen on TV channels Cartoon Network and TNT starts the eponymous animated series, reports Reuters."I felt about Star wars too much to tell," said Lucas in an official press release. I really wanted to start to share with animation and continue to work in this direction in future".We will remind, after the premiere of "Revenge of the Sith" in 2005, Lucas said that will no longer make movies about space adventures and will do animations. A new TV version of "Star wars" is based on technology of virtual animations developed for the filming of the last of the epic story, and cartoon characters made on the basis of the real heroes of the same name cartoon series."Star wars" tell us about cosmic intergalactic battles for the lead, but "the clone wars" will develop some other storyline. Main characters - Anakin Skywaker and Padme Amidala added new characters, among which Padawan Anakin Ahsoka.As was reported at Lucasfilm, each episode of the TV project will last 30 minutes. In the series, the Jedi knights will battle famous villains such as count Dooku and General grievous. Читать полностью -->

Telegraph: Putin and Stalin build memorial cemetery (photo project)

Telegraph: Putin and Stalin build memorial cemetery (photo project)Vladimir Putin intends to realize the unrealized idea of Joseph Stalin and create in Moscow cemetery, where are buried the greatest statesmen.As writes the Telegraph, last week the bulldozers have already begun to prepare a place for "national military memorial cemetery" in the North of the Russian capital. It was there, suggest the authors of the article, Putin may one day be buried side by side with Stalin - a dictator, which he is said to deeply respects.Experts believe that this memorial will be similar to the famous Arlington cemetery in the United States and one of the most ambitious architectural projects since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Construction completion is scheduled for 2010. By this time in the territory of about 52 hectares will appear obelisks, Golden statues of the heroes of Russian history and friezes depicting workers in heroic poses.This project emphasizes the Telegraph, will embody all of the Putin era, which will officially end on 7 may. The grandeur and the enormity of the needs, the architects, to reflect the splendor of a resurgent Russia, and critics have noticed that this style was characteristic of the Soviet era (remember the vivid example of the "Stalinist classicism" - the project of the Palace of Soviets of the USSR height of more than four hundred metres from hundred-meter statue of Lenin on the roof), and called it a bad sign.It is noteworthy that the idea of the main public cemetery originated in the early 1990-ies. Then the concept of the enterprise "Mosproject-4". Читать полностью -->

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