Sylvester Stallone will star in the sequel of the movie `Cliffhanger`

Sylvester Stallone will star in the sequel of the movie `Cliffhanger`Actor Sylvester Stallone will play the main character in the drama "the Dam", which is a continuation of sensational Thriller "Cliffhanger". However, experts warn that the project may be a failure.Currently, Stallone is negotiating with the production company, Sony Pictures about filming, reports can only speculate what kind of stunts you have to perform in the movie the main character, however, the likely site of action is defined by the name of the picture.On the one hand, the new draft Stallone can wait ill the future, as the predecessor of the "Dam" - the movie "Cliffhanger" - has collected more than a quarter of a billion dollars. However, there are times when shooting the film failed.However, outside the U.S. there are enough viewers who want to see almost an aging Hollywood actor.However, critics hold plot Parallels between the future movie and already taken the picture of "Daylight", where Stallone in the role of Gabe Walker rescues people from the flooded tunnel. The film failed in the United States, because it was collected a total of $ 33 million.Recall that in the action film "Cliffhanger" Stallone played the mountaineer and Explorer Gabe Walker, who goes into the mountains in search of the missing group. Only then the hero realizes that it specifically lured into a trap and come to grips with the gang leader John Lithgow, who is looking for a hiding place in the mountains with money.We will add that Stallone recently filmed the sixth series of blockbuster about the boxer rocky and fourth "Rambo". Читать полностью -->

Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airport

Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airportOn Tuesday morning arrested a man who for many years sent the Oscar winner jodie foster threatening letters. This time he mailed sent a fake bomb at lax airport in Los Angeles.As reported by Reuters, earlier in December, the 42-year-old Michael Smegal was tried in Federal district court of Massachusetts for sending threatening emails to the administration of the Airport van nuis.Official documents confirm that the letter was identical to more than 100 threats, addressed both to foster and to other people of Los Angeles in the period from September 2007 to January 2008.Twice winner of the gold statuettes jodie foster first anonymous threatening letter received in early 2004. Based on officially certified documents, in 2005 Smegal admitted to the police that the letters were sent and he promised not to do.If the court finds Michael to be guilty, he Shine 10 years in prison. Source: Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airport. . . Читать полностью -->

The exhibition at the Prado will show two paintings by Goya

The exhibition at the Prado will show two paintings by GoyaIn Madrid's Prado Museum opens April 15 largest in the last 12 years, the exhibition of works by Francisco Goya called "Goya and War".It will be presented two newly restored paintings "the Uprising in Puerto del Sol on may 2, 1808: battle with the Mamelukes and 3 may 1808: the execution of the rebels in Madrid, AFP reports.The exhibition is timed to the 200-year anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish war for independence from France 1808-1814 of years actually and a popular uprising against Napoleon's troops in Madrid in may 1808 in particular.Paintings by Goya, dedicated to the events of may 1808, were damaged during the evacuation of survivors of the bombing of Madrid during the civil war of 1936-39. The greatest damage was caused to the painting "the Battle with the Mamelukes", while "Execution of the rebels" received only minor damage. Both canvases painted by Goya in 1814, will be won for the first time after several months of restoration presented to the public at the exhibition "Goya and War".The exhibition, which runs until 13 July, includes nearly 200 works of Goya. Among them are such well-known paintings in the Museum, "Nude Maha" and "the Family of Charles IV". In addition, will feature works from private collections and foreign museums, and some of them never before exhibited in Spain.Previous such large-scale exhibition of art by Goya was held at the Prado in 1996.The Madrid uprising of 2 may 1808 marked the beginning of the Spanish-French war of 1808-1814. Napoleon in late 1807 or early 1808 introduced to Spain by the troops. Читать полностью -->

A date with Scarlett Johansson sold for $40 thousand

A date with Scarlett Johansson sold for $40 thousand On the Internet auction site eBay sold a date with Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson. British fan of the actress posted for that $40100.According to the London newspaper the Daily Mail, a visitor to eBay under the name Bossnour will get the opportunity to talk with miss Johansson, accompanying her on the July premiere of the film "He's Just Not That Into You" in Los Angeles or new York. In the event it is carried to the limo, in addition the lucky winner will allocate their own stylist. But all this is unlikely to help a rich fan to win the heart of a 23-year-old star: according to rumors, she soon married his 31-year-old - boyfriend actor Ryan Reynolds.The auction was organized for charitable purposes - the money will be transferred to the account of the Oxford Committee for famine relief (Oxfam), who helps the needy and victims of natural disasters in various countries. Scarlett is working with the organization since 2005, in 2007 it is with humanitarian mission has visited India and Sri Lanka. The appeal of the actress to participate in an online auction you can see in the video below.Source: a Date with Scarlett Johansson sold for $40 thousand (video). Читать полностью -->

Timati and Topalov made a truce

Timati and Topalov made a truceThe controversial rapper Timati and ex-member of the Duo Smash!! Vlad Topalov officially and publicly agreed to a truce.Throughout the year they stubbornly pretending not to notice each other, appearing on the same secular get-togethers and parties. But on the eve of the presentation of the new collection of clothes For Timati Sprandi they still shook hands.After the fashion show, which became the most wealthy rapper in the country, Tim reappeared on stage - but in the more usual manner. After the concert, two of the stars of Russian show business exchanged a couple of sentences exchanged mutual compliments and finally decided to bury the hatchet.Recall that about a year ago between the two heroes gossip columns rose "tattoo" Yulia Volkova. The singer skillfully stringing two star macho. "Tango for three" suitors had not delivered and not once fists began to figure out who's boss. Source: Timati and Topalov made a truce. Читать полностью -->

Zemfira will be drug testing

Zemfira will be drug testingThe other day in the newspaper "Your day" there was a note saying that psychologists suggest that the cause of the strange drawings on the hands Zemfira became her addiction.The Internet provides an audio commentary by Mikhail Vinogradov, a psychiatrist-criminalist, that Zemfira is mentally ill and with a high probability using drugs. We decided to contact Zemfira to know her opinion about it, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."I'm tired of narcotic theme, tired of excuses," said the us singer. "I am ready to undergo all the necessary expertise - and mental health, and substance abuse, to put the point in this story.- To draw conclusions without research is a gross violation, " says the lawyer of the singer Igor Kozhevnikov. - Zemfira - creative person, and she has a certain image makeover, makeup.- My comment was not official, " said Mikhail Vinogradov. "I was made a private call in which the caller asked about the types of tattoos: in particular, in the form of veins. I explained that it most likely is that this person was caught in the web.In principle, tattoo spider web on the hands and black veins" is a symbol of drug addiction and drug dependence. Читать полностью -->

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