Cynthia Nixon got engaged with his partner

Cynthia Nixon got engaged with his partnerActress Cynthia Nixon (Cynthia Nixon), an open lesbian, fulfilling one of the leading roles in the movie "Sex and the city", based on the popular television series, is going to get married with his partner.Recall that the first year Cynthia lives with Christina, She (Christine Marinoni), which left his former civil wife of Danny Moses (Danny Mozes). Together they are raising two children Cynthia from this marriage, a daughter Samantha and son Charles.According to the publication "National Enquirer", "Cynthia and Chris are going to play a simple wedding ceremony in Vermont in the fall, under the canopy of red leaves. The ceremony must be very low-key, it will invite only your dearest friends and family members".Vermont became the first U.S. state where they were legalized same-sex civil partnerships are almost identical to heterosexual marriage.Cynthia started Dating Christine in 2003. Later she made out, basically, what has shocked a considerable amount of their fans. However, the scandal did not. Читать полностью -->

Basque congratulated Lazarev, danced on the table under the `hurdy-gurdy`

Basque congratulated Lazarev, danced on the table under the `hurdy-gurdy`The magnificent celebration reconciled long ignored each other former colleagues on the staff of Smash! Vlad Topalov admitted Sergei that he still considers him a friend and loves.Among the guests of the anniversary evening Lazarev has dropped a bombshell when Topalov, which, of course, no one expected to see, suddenly arrived in "Surikov hall to congratulate the hero of the day.- Always stay the way you are, love you. Your dumpling! - congratulated Vlad Topalov him by writing a wish on a huge portrait of the birthday boy.GuestsFriend Sergei Alexei Vorobyov congratulated Sergey songs, written specially for the day of his birth, performing them under the accordion.One of the not very innocent jokes ex-the candidate for participation in "Eurovision" triggered Baskov on feats.- Who doesn't scream - he's a fan of Boris Moiseev, - spoke into the microphone Alexei, encouraging the audience. Nicholas kept his head and immediately stood up for a colleague.- Boria do not defraud, is jumping on the scene, said the singer voice of Moses. - Boris, by the way, didn't win because he was on the anniversary of Reznik. It blew out! And in General, never to offend colleagues. I can understand if you said, "Who does not cry - he Kirkorov!" concluded her impassioned speech Nicholas.Guests took the last statement of the singer's laughter. Читать полностью -->

Teenagers poured Orlando bloom green stuff

Teenagers poured Orlando bloom green stuff Especially for this English actor was invited to the awards ceremony Kids ' Choice Awards 2008.Kids - Choice Awards - most popular in America award, which is held by the channel Nickelodeon.The main audience of the TV channel are children and adolescents, although their parents love to watch violent cartoons with lots of blood and unjustified violence.And every year the kids are calling the best from their point of view of actors, musicians and other followers of this popular spectacle....However, the ceremony called "one of the most important show on the planet" because it typically attracts more than 6 million. This year in the vote was attended by about 40 million people from 18 countries.As you can see, this year, Orlando bloom pimply teenagers especially loved.They doused the actor's green stuff from head to toe. And forced me to smile and be glad.Recall that according to the tradition of all the winners of Kids` Choice Awards pour green slime. Here and Orlando bloom this year was unable to avoid the ill-fated awards. Source: Teens doused Orlando bloom green stuff (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Yan Abramov returned to Alsu

Yan Abramov returned to AlsuYan Abramov, beloved husband of singer Alsu, which is now at nine months pregnant, flew to Europe to support their favorite during childbirth.As previously reported, "TD" to avoid the camera flashes on the threshold of the hospital, she preferred to give birth to a second child abroad.In anticipation of adding another girl - Alsu flew to Europe with my mother, Recently the Ishakovne and two year old daughter Safina in early April. Source: Yan Abramov returned to Alsu. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Ksenia Sobchak refused to participate in the show `the Circus`

Ksenia Sobchak refused to participate in the show `the Circus`Ksenia Sobchak unilaterally refused to participate in the show "Circus", even without the knowledge of the organizers of the project.As it became known "Z", in the final round will be five participants of this year's stellar team of circus performers - Sergey Lazarev, Yevgeny Stychkin, Efim Shifrin, Zhanna Friske and Ksenia Sobchak.Panic"Where Is She? Will she be today? - tried to get the organizers of the show from disciplined performs at the arena of the circus elements of Sergey Lazarev. - They promised it, and now the phone does not take.- Well, I don't know. If you promised, then I'll come, " tried to protect circus friend Sergey. - She has so much to do now...While the program staff in panic redraw the plans of rehearsals to highlight the elusive Ksenia Anatolyevna most convenient time for her, Sobchak his decision already made.I was educattonal in the show - said flatly Xenia "Z". "I'll be in Moscow at that time, when will the shooting of the program, I am going on tour.ScandalNow, without "blonde in chocolate", scheduled groups of five participants is not obtained. This means that someone from the current contestants have to evict. Читать полностью -->

Erotic games Anfisa Chekhova

Erotic games Anfisa ChekhovaOn the set of the show "Intuition" on channel TNT all are shocked. Wakes up and leading Viktor Loginov, caught in the middle of an erotic nature.The fact is that in recent shootings participated Sasha Savelyeva from the "Factory" and Anfisa Chekhov - You have no idea what it is for a few hours to stand next to such a beautiful girl, " said Loginov. - For example, from Sasha Savelieva radiated such a crazy aroma of spirits unknown to me, which I with great difficulty did not lose his head and not disconnected from what is happening on the set. Torture, honestly. Torture?Even the heroine of the program did not miss the opportunity to once again emphasize their sexy and attractive forms. Busty TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov found that to press the home button not only hands but also other parts of the body. Читать полностью -->

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