`Tattoo` undressed in front of an audience in Cannes

`Tattoo` undressed in front of an audience in CannesSoloist outrageous duet "Tatu" shocked audiences at 61 m film festival in CannesAfter the premiere of the film "YOU AND I (FINDING t.A.T.u.)" Lena and Yulia easily peels off her elegant robe closed and remained practically in the buff.- No one expected that we will undress to their underwear and corsets, - smile "tattoos". - It was fun to watch all of mediateca rushed to the scene and frantically put up their tripods in the hope of us to capture.A wave of indignation caused by their act and ran on the legendary Boulevard de La Croisette, Yulia and Lena did not even notice and merrily drove off to Verona, where he played a concert for their Italian fans. Source: Tatu undressed in front of an audience in Cannes. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Queen refers to her husband's infidelity philosophically

The Queen refers to her husband's infidelity philosophicallySinger Natasha Koroleva have repeatedly faced with the rumors of love Affairs of her husband Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan.The profession of stripper, which perfectly captured Sergey, really every time provides food for gossip.Natasha for many years of marriage with Sergei managed to understand: the costs of her husband's work should be treated philosophically. In a recent interview with the newspaper "Antenna" the singer told that actually thinks about numerous novels spouse's appearing in the press.But Tarzan seems to be still upset because of this."To our Union, many still viewed with mistrust," said Glushko. - I write stories about my novels on the side, about the fact that I again showed the ass. Judge me for her role in "Sex with Mail Chekhova". And I'm primarily a theatre actor"."Anyone interested to read about your theatre? "said Natasha Koroleva. - Looking at you, and to me more interesting, more fun to read about your butt and your love".The family of Natasha and Sergei contrary to the slanders decay is not going. Читать полностью -->

Died American actor Charlton Heston

Died American actor Charlton HestonFamous Hollywood actor Charlton Heston, whose masculine appearance brought him many epic roles from Moses to Michelangelo, died at his home in Beverly hills, California on 85-m to year of life, reports Reuters.During his long career he appeared in over 60 films, among which stand out the "Ten commandments" (1956) and "planet of the apes" (1968). But the greatest recognition Heston brought the picture "Ben-Hur": for the main role in it, he received in 1959 "Oscar" in the nomination "Best actor". In 2002, Heston announced that doctors found he had signs of Alzheimer's disease. According to relatives of the actor, he will be buried in a closed ceremony.Looks Spartan and conservative lifestyle made Heston look like a representative of another era. As Director Anthony Mann joked: "bring on the toga, and it will look great." Between epic dramas ("the Ten commandments" and "Ben-Hur"), fantastic fighters ("planet of the apes" and "the Man under the symbol "omega") and disaster films ("Earthquake") Heston endured on screen in Shakespeare's play, becoming the Director of the film adaptation of "Antony and Cleopatra".The most controversial role, which was played by the actor, was not in the film - in recent years, Heston has headed the National rifle Association that works to fight for the right of Americans to free possession of arms. His views on this issue, he expressed, speaking to opponents of the initiative. Читать полностью -->

Lev Durov had surgery on heart

Lev Durov had surgery on heartPeople's artist of the USSR Lev Durov, a few days ago, was hospitalized at Botkin hospital, before he was transferred to city hospital No. 4, where he underwent surgery for the implantation of the pacemaker, reports RIA "Novosti".The Director of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya Konstantin Chernyshev said: "To improve the status of the artist, the doctors decided to put the lion Durova pacemaker. The operation was successful. Lev Konstantinovich already moved from ICU to a regular room. Today we talked to him on the phone. He said he feels very well and expects to go on stage in may".According to Chernyshev, the artist plans related to the theatre, have not undergone major changes. Читать полностью -->

Photos Lindsay Lohan will teach drivers to drive while drunk

Photos Lindsay Lohan will teach drivers to drive while drunkPhotos from the police dossier American actress Lindsay Lohan used in an advertising campaign urging drivers not to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, according to Reuters.Social advertising using pictures Lohan, falling several times to the police for driving under the influence, published Friday in the American newspaper USA Today.The aim of the organizers of the advertising campaign is not only to explain the need not to drive after drinking alcohol, but also to prevent the widespread introduction of special devices, locking the ignition, if the driver is not sober.In a newspaper advertisement pictures of Lohan, which in 2006, being a minor, three busted for drunk driving, accompanied by the caption: "the ignition Lock is a good idea for her." There are pictures of all adults who consume alcohol on special occasions. "For them it's a bad idea" - reads the caption to images of cultural drinking Americans.The organizers of the campaign explained that the installation of ignition interlock responsive to a certain concentration of vapors of alcohol, interfere with the rights of reasonable and responsible drivers.In addition to Lohan, the organizers of the campaign are going to use photos of other celebrities arrested for DUI. We are talking about photographs taken in police stations in respect of which do not apply copyright and other use restrictions. It is known that Lohan herself the permission to use his photos to the organizers of the campaign were not given. Source: Photos Lindsay Lohan will teach drivers to drive while drunk. . Читать полностью -->

In Vienna, opened the Days of Russian cinema

In Vienna, opened the Days of Russian cinemaIn the cinema hall of the Vienna multiplex via Gasometer on Thursday opened the Days of Russian cinema, devoted to 100 anniversary of Russian film production, ITAR-TASS reported."The festival presents seven new Russian films of different genres," - said the General Director of the Russian company "Sovexportfilm" Grigory Gevorkyan.Among them - the winner of the XXIX Moscow international film festival, Vera's Watchdog "Travelling with Pets" with Dmitry Duuuum, Anna Mikhalkova and Mikhail Efremov.Residents of the Austrian capital will see the next version of Gogol's "the Gamblers" - tape "Russian game" Pavel Chukhrai, starring Sergei Makovetsky, Sergey Garmash, Andrey Merzlikin. In the poster of the days of Russian cinema also tape "Swing", "Listening to silence", "Vanya".The film adaptation of his novel "nostalgia for the future" was presented by the writer, scriptwriter and producer Victor Dobrohoczki. At the premiere in Vienna, arrived and actress Olga Kabo, who played the main role in this film.In turn, Anton Megerdichev brought his directorial debut - a film "shadow-Fighting-2", which, according to some estimates, has already collected about 11-12 million dollars and entered the "top ten" leaders of the Russian film distribution."In recent years, in Russia annually produces about 200 films," said the head of "Sovexportfilm". In his words, "fees hire services in 2007 amounted to more than 550 million dollars, which is almost 31% more than in 2006". "Moreover, the share of Russian films in this training camp last year exceeded 26%", - quotes the words Gevorgyan RIA "Novosti".Gevorgyan said that the Days of Russian cinema held in Vienna for the second year in a row. The last time the particular success of the film by Pavel Lungin's "the Island", which was represented by Viktor Sukhorukov.The head of "Sovexportfilm" also said that "after a long hiatus, revived the tradition of holding Russian film festivals abroad". Читать полностью -->

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