Kirkorov found `second` Alla Pugacheva

Kirkorov found `second` Alla PugachevaPhilip Kirkorov often "marry" on the ladies with whom he appears in society. So with Ani Lorak has been the same story. Cost him to appear at several events together with Ani, as rumors: "New passion?" Philip admits that Anya really likes...Ani and Philip met in 2002 on the set of the musical "Evenings on a farm near Dikanka" in Kiev. At first he didn't pay much attention to the girl, but at the break, having fun at the piano, she suddenly started singing... It was an absolutely amazing voice resembled the voice of Alla Pugacheva in his youth. Moreover, it became clear that lorac is well versed in the arts of the prima Donna and knows her songs. Читать полностью -->

Basque hides his new lover

Basque hides his new loverNikolay Baskov after parting with his wife quickly found a new girlfriend. They say that Roman singer with a girl named Anastasia lasts about six months.However, his relationship with a young make-up artist Nicholas tries not to advertise. About Anastasia we only know that she works as a makeup artist. Met a couple last fall on the set of "Saturday night", and then suddenly the girl began to work with Baskov.For the first time Nicholas and Anastasia saw together during the trip of the artist in Kiev a few weeks ago. Now young people have already noticed in Moscow.On the anniversary of the famous songwriter Ilya Reznik Basque came in the company of a young beautiful brunettes. However, the presence of the Nasty singer tried to hide. Читать полностью -->

Mariah Carey does not want to have children

Mariah Carey does not want to have children Mariah Carey announced that she was sickened by the thought of pregnancy. 38-year-old singer said he would feel uncomfortable, becoming a mother, and quite happy with my dog Jack."I never wanted to feel proprietary. I know it sounds weird, that's me. It's definitely because from childhood psychological trauma," said the singer to British magazine OK!"In our world, it is difficult to have children. I don't think I now how to raise a child. Maybe in the future, but so far I haven't thought about it. Читать полностью -->

Ali Lohan offend classmates

Ali Lohan offend classmatesYounger sister of Lindsay Lohan, a rising star of film and television Ali Lohan, it appears, had suffered from classmates:"Not so long ago two girls in school took me on video and posted to YouTube. They commented on his horrible words. If my mother ever heard something like that from me, it would be a shame for a lifetime. Nasty girls".To the delight of Eli now she is studying at home. It is impossible to go regularly to school every day, when you have, the shooting, the recording in the Studio:"I learn far more. It was hard to focus when the girls teased. Читать полностью -->

Uncle Britney Spears uncovered family secrets

Uncle Britney Spears uncovered family secretsAs it turned out, the mainstream public is not yet aware of all matters connected with the family of Britney Spears. Uncle singer decided to fix it and told journalists sensational details about the birth of her younger sister Jamie Lynn.London's the Sun newspaper today publishes the revelation of William Spears, uncles Britney and Jamie Lynn's paternal. He said that the youngest daughter was born was unplanned and are not desired by the parents. Lynn Spears got pregnant by accident, moreover, her husband then did not believe in his paternity because she was treated for infertility, and demanded a DNA test. But the tests confirmed that the baby was the biological daughter Jamie. "That's why they named her Jamie Lynn, as if to emphasize that it is the General's daughter," said William Spears.It is impossible not to notice that she is a 16 year old Jamie Lynn now repeats the fate of his mother. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton started a personal shaman

Paris Hilton started a personal shaman Paris Hilton has decided to change his habit of spending Saturday night in the clubs. This weekend she has devoted to the communication with a personal shaman.According to the website Gossip Girls, 27-year-old socialite took seriously his spiritual development. Together with the mentor, the shaman she visited the store philosophical literature Bodhi Tree in Los Angeles, and then had a long talk with him in natalecartolina cafe "Urth". According to witnesses, the Master had blessed and commanded to give the first comer his necklace that Paris immediately did.However, the generous and unexpected gift was not over - famous blonde continued to surprise others. On the question of the paparazzi about his new "friend" she replied that "silence is Golden", and about diamond suspension stated that "the greatest gift is to give back." After that, the Hilton, which is on the right path, and her guru got in the car and drove away.Source: Paris Hilton started a personal shaman (video). . Читать полностью -->

Stillavin became a participant of the rally

Stillavin became a participant of the rallyIn Moscow hosted the annual rally Mercedes Classic Day involving cars least 1970. Behind the wheel of one of these rarities have Sergei Stillavin.Before the start of the run at the observation deck on the Sparrow hills Sergey was in high spirits. He looked with interest all the machines, and casually congratulated the newlyweds, gently putting an arm around the bride and smiling at the camera. The presence Stillavin in the rally promised to diversify beautiful, but still a serious event witty jokes. And he had not long to wait. Before the start of the rally all cars-participants were required to come to the podium to receive the card and to show off in front of the audience. Читать полностью -->

Buffy the vampire Slayer will enter into a lesbian relationship

Buffy the vampire Slayer will enter into a lesbian relationshipIn the comic "Buffy the vampire Slayer" (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) will soon have a lesbian love affair.In the last part of the comic book series "Buffy the vampire Slayer, the eighth season", continues the Saga begun by the 1993 film of the year and picked up seven seasons of the cult television series, Buffy is distracted from his vampire duties and jumps into bed to Satsu (Satsu), friend of the Slayer.Joss Whedon (Joss Whedon, Executive producer of the comic, said that will happen naturally and we should not marvel."We have been told that this character is Satsu is, and she's in love with Buffy, and Buffy in General lonely," said Whedon. We decided it would be funny, if they continue their relationship and bring them to logical conclusion.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Diana Gurtskaya will represent Georgia at `Eurovision`

Diana Gurtskaya will represent Georgia at `Eurovision`Saturday, March 2, in Tbilisi, Georgia Diana Gurtskaya, gaining 39% of the vote, became the winner of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest from Georgia.Won Gurtskaya including through the song Kim Breitburg and Karen Kavaleryan "Peace Will Come".Candidates also have determined Belarus and Ukraine. In our country passions around the contenders flare up every day. Now the names of 25 candidates. In this list there are both popular names and is not known. Days.Ru met some artists who claim the honour of representing our country at the Eurovision song contest 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia.Alexander Panayotov, singer:"Everyone who participates in the contest, the victory is necessary, otherwise why would we then participate. And we come as a country that can sing. Читать полностью -->

Yagudin and parted Savelieva

Yagudin and parted Savelieva"Fabricante" Alexander Savelyev and figure skater Alexei Yagudin put an end to his short-lived but passionate affair.One of the most romantic couples of the popular project of the First channel "Ice age" collapsed. Conqueror ice Alexei Yagudin took his last suitcase from cozy little apartment the once-beloved star of "fabricante" 24 year old Sasha Savelieva.TIFF- Yes, Alex broke up a few weeks ago - sadly told "Z" beauty Alexander. - At one point we just stopped to understand each other. It's a shame, of course, but nothing can be done - trying to calm yourself girl.Usually talkative and smiling, Sasha, the stories of close friends, grieved the separation from loved ones.- Now I have and without a lot of things besides work I pass exams, so time to get upset, no, " smiled helplessly Sasha.Bandmates - Sati Casanova and Irina Toneva - struggling to support my friend. But they understand that to overcome the pain in the soul of the sachet will help only time... and a new feeling.RelationshipMet young people on the project of the First channel "Ice age". Читать полностью -->

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