Britney Spears made a drunken Striptease

Britney Spears made a drunken Striptease Britney Spears decided to repeat the trick with a glass of" famous stripper Dita von Teese, but apparently not calculated their strength in parts of alcohol.Britney Spears made a drunken Striptease at party to celebrate Halloween, organized extravagant stripper Dita von Teese.The former pop Princess arrived on holiday already slightly tipsy, so even out of the car Britney's happened only with the help appeared in time guards. 26-year-old beauty on the tradition of not wearing underwear. However, this time - Hooray! - presence on Britney pantyhose still kept removing the star from the paparazzi new moral shocks.Drinking more alcoholic beverages, Britney began to molest the female half of the party, trying to kiss, and then, proudly throwing off its already minimal dress, began vytantsovyvaetsya exotic Striptease in a giant Martini glass, in which the hostess Dita was filmed for an erotic magazine.When muzzy Britney still pulled off the makeshift stage, miss Spears began loudly cuss judge Scott Gordon, not only that awarding custody of the son of singer Kevin motherhood, and Occitania the other day a girl for too frivolous behavior. "Asshole! Asshole!" - yelled Britney, while the driver carried her to the car. Source: Britney Spears made a drunken Striptease (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone got himself a new friend

Sharon stone got himself a new friend Sharon stone paparazzi caught at the exit of a hotel in Paris together with his new friend - short-haired Dachshund.Western gossips immediately began to hear that Sharon got a dog solely on fur - but I can't imagine what kind of collar can make from taxes. Source: Sharon stone got himself a new friend (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

`I am legend` and other new Russian cinema

`I am legend` and other new Russian cinemaThis week the Russian audience will see the film adaptation of the novel by Richard Matheson "I am legend" about how as a result of the spread of the virus, scientists invented for the treatment of cancer, on earth are the only uninfected people.Criminal-feminist Comedy about three cleaners Bank "easy money" tells the story of how "Technicals" decide to get rich, intending to Scam on the appropriation bills. Intercontinental the dramatic Thriller "Montana" directed by Alexander Atanesyan tells the story of former orphans, who went to the US to perform a dangerous mission, writes "Time of news".Before the Russian finally got the Hollywood hit "I am legend" directed by Francis Lawrence with will Smith starring. In the story, with the spread of the deadly virus was invented not thinked about the consequences of scientists on earth, it seems, are the only uninfected person reasonable scientist Robert Neville, with unique immune system.Becoming the master of a deserted metropolis, he spends every day in search of the remnants of civilization and attempts to find antivirus on the basis of its unique blood. But only during the day, when night falls, your rights shall become mutant-infected. Not the first (to the point there were several versions of varying degrees of adequacy, the most famous of which is "the omega Man" (1971) with Charlton Heston) adaptation of the great novel by Richard Matheson. The film became one of the major blockbusters of the end of the last and beginning of this year and 2010 has already scheduled the premiere of "Legends 2".Criminal-feminist Comedy about three cleaners of the Federal reserve Bank "easy money" tells the story of how "Technicals" decide to improve their dire financial situation, planning to Scam on the appropriation bills that must be destroyed by reason of dilapidation. Читать полностью -->

A stuntman died during filming of a stunt for the movie

A stuntman died during filming of a stunt for the movieOn the set of the TV film of Milan died famous Italian stuntman Nicholas Ricci.The accident occurred Thursday during the filming of the movie, which was shot by order of the second Italian TV channel RAI. The stuntman, who was 30 years old, imitated the fall working with scaffolding, but did not calculate the fall. It hit the building structure and fell past the inflatable safety device.All who were on the set, immediately called an ambulance. The Italian was taken to hospital, but all efforts of doctors to save was not successful. Nicolo Ricci from the received traumas has died on Thursday night in the hospital, reports RIA "Novosti".Last year in early March at the age of 71 years died from a heart attack is another very famous stuntman and actor Philip Chong. His career began in childhood, when he portrayed a young Mongolian horseman in the classic fantasy film of Frank Capra's "Lost horizon".Account for Chong over a hundred films, many of which are fiction. Читать полностью -->

Igor Starygin seriously ill

Igor Starygin seriously illActor Igor Starygin, one of the most striking films of which was the role of Aramis in "the Three Musketeers", is still in the hospital. We will remind, the actor was hospitalized in early February with a diagnosis of right-sided pneumonia.The famous artist immediately put in intensive care. Doctors have appointed a 61-year-old Starygin the course of treatment, but the disease did not retreat.At the famous patient was a high fever, and only a week after the start of treatment Starygin was better and he was transferred from intensive care therapy.Unfortunately, the improvement was short-lived. According to doctors, to stabilize the condition of people's artist and failed. The condition of Igor Starygin remains heavy.As it turned out, the pneumonia was not the only problem of the actor. On Wednesday, after reviewing the results of the day before CT scan, doctors found among Starygin another severe disease.Now doctors are finding out its nature, and does not exclude the possibility that Igor Vladimirovich may require surgery, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Читать полностью -->

Mordjukova and Zykina was taken to hospital in the same day

Mordjukova and Zykina was taken to hospital in the same dayTwo legends of Russian culture was recently in the famous "Kremlevka" - the Central clinical hospital.Nonna Mordyukova was in the clinic because of complications associated with the migrated more than a year ago by a stroke.- In old age (this year the actress will be 83. - Ed.) any dangerous disease, say doctors. Now Nonna Viktorovna assigned a very serious course of treatment.At CCB, by the way, now former spouse are treated Mordyukova Vyacheslav Tikhonov and his current wife, Tamara Ivanova (Department of traumatology).It just so happened that almost at the same time by Nonna Viktorovna in the Kremlevka" and put Lyudmila Zykina. About what they will be doing the people's artist, the staff of the infectious Department warned in advance. For 78-year-old Lyudmila Georgievna has prepared a room, which she occupied during previous hospitalizations.Recall that last year, Lyudmila Georgievna underwent a serious operation she had implanted artificial joint replacement of the foot. Since then the operated leg from time to time inflamed, and the artist has to seek help from doctors. Читать полностью -->

In Samara discovered the double Medvedev

In Samara discovered the double MedvedevThe inhabitant of Samara Alexander Goncharov is a specialist in the field of electronics and telecommunication, writer and... almost a mirror reflection of President-elect Dmitry Medvedev.When the potters was younger, the resemblance was almost one hundred percent, "Novye Izvestia". Goncharov said that not just pay attention to it "stare".A couple of years ago, the life of Alexander Goncharov changed dramatically: his "reflection" began to show on TV. Special delight from the similarities of father Dmitry Medvedev and the sons of Alexander. Senior proudly told her classmates and teachers that his father as President.Potters, of course, would like to see your double firsthand, and maybe even talk to him, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". "It was interesting to see his reaction" jokes Samarco.After the discovery of such a wonderful fact the authority Goncharova in the eyes of his own mother-in-law is also increased. Читать полностью -->

Anna Semenovich wants to return to the sport

Anna Semenovich wants to return to the sportAnna Semenovich some time ago mentioned the fact that he is not averse to return to the sport. However, all of these words were the usual PR move. The road is a great sport for Semenovich closed forever.This was told by the producer of the show "Ice age", the famous figure skater Ilya Averbukh."All this publicity who came up with her producer," said Averbukh. - Attempt to attract attention. In the end, it is necessary to say except Anya's Breasts, right?". . Читать полностью -->

The brunettes are more likely to find a rich husband

The brunettes are more likely to find a rich husbandThe brunettes such as Carla Bruni, recently married French President Nicolas Sarkozy, are more likely to find a rich husband, than blondes, writes the Daily Express.The researchers analyzed hair color wives and girlfriends 100 richest men in the world, to find out if there's a dependency.It turned out that the vast majority of these women are brunettes. 62% of billionaires prefer women with dark brown hair. The blonde took second place with 22%. Women with black hair has averaged 16%. But with a redhead, none of the billionaires did not contact.The study was commissioned by the Internet company Lycos, which owns the Dating site. Managing Director of Lycos Sam Kayum says: "it Begs the question, would Carla Bruni, France's first lady, if she was blonde?" Source: brunettes are more likely to find a rich husband. Читать полностью -->

The daughter of Anna Nicole Smith inherited condition of the mother

The daughter of Anna Nicole Smith inherited condition of the motherThe question of who will be the successor of model Anna Nicole Smith, who died early last year from a drug overdose, solved. Multi-million dollar fortune inherited her eighteen month old daughter of Dannielynn.On Tuesday, the court of Los Angeles ruled that 18-month-old Dannielynn hope Marshall stern is the only heir to a fortune. However, until that girl grows up, things related to inheritance, will lead a deceased companion models Howard stern and the girl's father Larry Berthed.As RIA "Novosti", Dannielynn hope Marshall stern inherited millions of deceased husband of Anna Nicole Smith, a Texas oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. Famous model for a long time pleaded for the right of inheritance to the eldest son of Marshall - Pierce. But in June last year at the age of 67 he died.Recall that Anna Nicole Smith married married a billionaire in 1994. Читать полностью -->

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