Sarah Michelle Gellar - charming vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar - charming vampire Slayer The script is about how a beautiful girl wets herself different inhumans, Sarah loved it. "He was so well-written that I wanted to play at least some role!" says Gellar.First, she auditioned for "some" role - the role of Cordelia. And then suddenly in Sara woke up the nerve and she said: "I want to be Buffy!!!" In the interview the actress read the proposed text several times. The producers thought the girl too "green" for the Central role. However, after few minutes she called again. "Well, read it again!" - said one of the acceptors. Читать полностью -->

Maksim is not afraid of revenge Pugacheva

Maksim is not afraid of revenge PugachevaIn our country it is customary to believe that almost all business runs on stage Alla Pugacheva. Young performers who patronizes Alla Borisovna, usually luck.Singer Maksim in the number of Pets Divas have entered, but to worry about it not going.Recall, at the end of last year, Pugacheva struck out a young artist from the list of participants of "Song of the year". After that Maksim was not afraid unflattering things to say about the singer, write "Arguments and facts".Apparently, the girl is not afraid that one day the Diva will block her oxygen. "People who I could "strangle" and nauticat spokes in the wheels, have repeatedly tried to do it, " said the young star of show business. - A strange girl who she writes the songs, arrange them herself, she sings, and even collects "Olympic", it is clear that many in show business annoying...". . Читать полностью -->

Friske refused to reveal their intimate secrets

Friske refused to reveal their intimate secrets34-year-old singer Zhanna Friske refused the offer to become a leading new show dedicated to the issues of sex.Fatal beauty decided not to compete with the sexy leading channel TNT Mail Chekhova and refused to share in the broadcast of the Central channel of intimate revelations.- Yes, we made such a proposal, said "Z" personal assistant Friske - but Jeanne does not suit the theme of the program.- The transfer should reflect her inner world, and this project is not interested in her, - said the assistant of the singer. - In addition, Jeanne is now very tight schedule, all of the time planned for months. Source: Friske refused to reveal their intimate secrets. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Guy crashed into the blonde, who was riding with the Parking brake on

The Guy crashed into the blonde, who was riding with the Parking brake onThe accident, the cause of which was the charming blonde beauty, almost cost the life of the famous showman Vladimir Tishko.TV presenter on your black Boomer" I went to the shooting, when turning on him at great speed flew a bright red "Hafei Brio".Tishko, as an experienced driver, passed to the side, but a red car with a horrible crash into the nose BMW TV presenter.Fortunately, the girl did not suffer serious injuries, although a long time to recover from the shock.ProtocolBroken front right fender, damaged racks, bumper and axle are just what Vladimir had noticed after a cursory inspection. Behind the wheel of his BMW Tishko will sit down soon.The woman behind all the time proceedings had not uttered a word. Only when the inspector asked her to drive the car from the roadway, beauty asked:"You will not help, I have some red button it's on fire!Approached the vehicle, the policeman could not restrain a cry of surprise:Is you the handbrake is on. Are you all the way on it and rode?! Source: Tishko hit the blonde, who was riding with the Parking brake on. . . Читать полностью -->

Jolie admired all at the premiere in Cannes (photos, video)

Jolie admired all at the premiere in Cannes (photos, video)These days Cannes turned into a real planetarium - so many stars shone on the red carpet of the film festival. One of the brightest and most brilliant was, without a doubt, the appearance of a pregnant Angelina Jolie.Along with Brad pitt and colleagues in the cartoon "kung Fu Panda", she appeared at the premiere of this film, where he voiced one of the characters. In a long green dress Jolie looked simply dazzling, posed for photographers and smiled at the jokes the actor Jack black.Yesterday Angelina has officially confirmed the information about what would happen to the twins. She admitted that she "loves being pregnant". "It gives the opportunity to feel like a woman just like any other period of life," quoted the actress portal Gossip Girls. Today it became known about the approximate date of birth - they are scheduled for August 19, slip one of the friends of the star couple. Читать полностью -->

Ksenia Borodina went into the modeling business

Ksenia Borodina went into the modeling businessThe famous TV presenter of the reality show "Dom-2" Ksenia Borodina tried his hand as a model. Despite her small stature, she still decided to go to the podium and show a collection of clothes of the famous Moscow designer.- When I was invited, I did not hesitate agreed. It was very nice to feel like a fashion model. Besides, the audience greeted me with a storm of applause, " said the TV presenter. Source: Ksenia Borodina went into the modeling business. . Читать полностью -->

I Domogarova has a new girlfriend

I Domogarova has a new girlfriendActor Alexander Domogarov after her failed marriage to Natalia gromushkina and protracted affair with Marina Alexandrova some time to be left alone. They say that now the artist has a new woman.Alexander now lives mostly in his dacha. The apartment on Malaya Gruzinskaya't seen him for a very long time.After the performances, and Domogarov still busy in the Mossovet theatre in productions of "Cyrano de Bergerac" and "My poor Marat", the artist goes to his country house.According to neighbors, a visit to the actor in recent times, would often come some beautiful brown-eyed brunette. And the guard let in a stranger into the house, even in the absence of the owner, writes "Express newspaper".Himself Domogarov about his personal life doesn't like to tell. However, if you believe the rumors, the house he built for his former lover Marina Alexandrova. But relations with a young actress Alexander did not happen. Читать полностью -->

`Fabricante` Zara prepares for the imminent wedding

`Fabricante` Zara prepares for the imminent weddingThe graduate of "factory of stars" by Alla Pugacheva singer Zara mgoyan soon going to become the wife of businessman Sergei Ivanov. Wedding lovers plan to play in the summer.Recall, Zara has become famous not only because of his vocal talent. At the time she appeared on the pages of Newspapers as first the bride, then wife, and then ex-wife of Sergei Matviyenko, son of St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko.For the sake of the elect Zara changed his faith and became Orthodox, but the marriage did not last long. Two years after the wedding, the singer divorced her husband and went to the "Factory of stars".Who knows, maybe thanks to the TV show bright brunette noticed the businessman Sergey Ivanov. They say he fell in love with the beauty at first sight and decided in whatever was to get her location.Romance develops so rapidly that hide the relationship made no sense, writes the newspaper "Smena". Читать полностью -->

Baturin requires to remove the radio all songs Bilan

Baturin requires to remove the radio all songs BilanThe divorce process Yana Rudkovskaya and Viktor Baturin at the outset promised to be scandalous. After a lull in the family again ready to run wild storm.This time it comes to Dima Bilan. Production artist worked Yana Rudkovskaya, but stood her wealthy husband. Yana says that Viktor Nikolayevich long been irrelevant to the project of Dima Bilan. But Baturin a different opinion.Viktor Baturin now requires to remove the radio all songs by that artist, according to "Russian news service". The corresponding letter was received in the "Russian media group" signed Baturina - the Director of the Russian Cultural Foundation "our Debts". Читать полностью -->

Sotheby's will open in Kiev the exhibition artists of the XIX and XX centuries

Sotheby's will open in Kiev the exhibition artists of the XIX and XX centuriesMay 15, Sotheby's will open in the Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental art exhibition of works by Russian and Ukrainian artists of the XIX and XX centuries. About it reports RIA Novosti.The exhibit will include 23 of the top lot, which will be put up on a Russian auction in London on 9 and 10 June.In particular, in Kiev brought pictures of Natalia Goncharova's "still life with fruit" (estimate 2-3 million pounds) and "still life with red flowers and peaches" (a score of 1-1,5 million pounds). The exhibition also presents the works "Alla" Marc Chagall, "Young Ukrainian girl" by Vladimir Makovsky and "Girl and bird" Alexandra Exter.Head of Sotheby's Russia and CIS Michael Kamensky noted that after the exhibition in Kyiv will be organized and other activities that will allow Ukrainian collectors to meet lots of international auctions, without going abroad.Top lots of the upcoming "Russian auction" will also be exhibited at the Moscow Museum of architecture on may 23. Source: Sotheby's will open in Kiev the exhibition artists of the XIX and XX centuries. . . Читать полностью -->

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