Blond beast Claudia Schiffer stripped for GQ

Blond beast Claudia Schiffer stripped for GQ Claudia Schiffer does not want to be a decent Frau. She doesn't have enough spice in your life. Perhaps that is why the shots in the new issue of GQ magazine in the image of Claudia eroticism borders on outrageous sexuality and even vulgarity.That does not prevent her to stay insanely stunning !In the April issue of the magazine published an article about Joseph Gordon-Levitt, best known for the movies "10 things I hate about you" and "crazy", which began acting in childhood and has grown into a great actor.Soon the screens will be released the highly anticipated Hollywood movie "War of coercion" (Stop Loss ), Joseph starred with Ryan Phillippe and Channing Tatum.As illustrative material is applied to the paper photo shoot, where Gordon-Levitt in a simple and not very costumes, but be sure to tie, hugging a woman without age Claudia Schiffer... And she seems to like it very much. Would have liked it even more if there were more and Phillippe with Tatum.The photo shoot does not like sex scenes in a Hollywood blockbuster. Rather, it is the best footage from clips of Marilyn Manson, in which the famous shock-rocker turned real scene sex with his young girlfriend.By the way, the author of the photo session was no less famous than Claudia, Ellen von Unwerth. Читать полностью -->

Star of `the boys` - an exact copy of her mom

Star of `the boys` - an exact copy of her mom Some of the world's male stars owe their dear moms much more than proper upbringing and delicious hot Lunches. Some of the coolest Hollywood guys - exact copy of a beloved mother.They can be rich and famous, but at the same time, partly to stay sissies.Tom cruise is known not only as the most annoying and tedious, and as the owner of the notorious Hollywood smile. Moreover, this interesting feature Cruz must first of all not miracle whitening means and skill of the dentist and his beloved mother Mary. However, when the mother and son appear together, others are strongly encouraged to wear sunglasses from dazzling smiles in such quantity eye cuts.Robbie Williams - bully, playful and just adorable boy with mischievous eyes. Oh! How many millions of girls sigh for those enchanting eyes... no Wonder that in his time they had deceived Herself Nicole Kidman! I think it's a skill image-makers? No, it's the genes of his mother, Jenny Williams.Brad pitt is a sex - symbol, a classy actor, a man with a capital M. Читать полностью -->

Actor Domogarov was the victim of an accident

Actor Domogarov was the victim of an accidentThe famous actor Alexander Domogarov was the victim of a car accident. A traffic accident happened on the highway.The artist himself was behind the wheel of his Hummer. According to the newspaper "Evening Moscow", Alexander couldn't hold the track and crashed into a passenger car.Fortunately, the impact was not too strong. I followed ahead of Mitsubishi Charisma was a crumpled trunk. In addition, from the powerful impact of SUV car moved forward and hit another car.The "hammer" Domogarova split grille and may have hidden damage, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".At the accident site arrived quickly the crew of the traffic police, and all the questions were solved on the spot. The culprit was named Alexander Domogarov.The popular actor will have to pay a fine for a traffic violation. Читать полностью -->

The Germans did not appreciate the Russian `people's artists`

The Germans did not appreciate the Russian `people's artists`Big tour "people's artists" in Germany began with an unpleasant incident - German hooligans smashed the bus of the Russian actors.These days graduates of the project "the national actor" Alexey Goman, Alexander Panayotov and Alexey Chumakov successfully perform in concert halls in Germany. The guys I worked with sold out two concerts in Cologne and Hamburg.However, German foreign land is not given to the actors to relax. The success of the concerts was marred by the behavior of the Germans. In Cologne the next after the speech the morning, when the artists left the hotel and went to his concert the bus, they found that it had knocked out all the glass. The bus was cordoned off by local police.As it turned out, the guards managed to arrive on time before the criminals managed to get on the bus and to take away from it expensive concert costumes artists, musical instruments, electronics and more. However, the attackers managed to escape safely from the scene, and so far none of them have not been caught.Crumpled bus organizers of the tour artists replaced. Читать полностью -->

Verka Serduchka-dancing with a raccoon

Verka Serduchka-dancing with a raccoon In the new video "do Re Mi" Ukrainian Cinderella goes to Tbilisi and Baku on the rarity "the Seagull", is dancing with a raccoon and becomes a fairy.In the video after the concert Serdyuchka accepts compliments from fans who praise her songs in English. And after listening to what they say about her, really: she had a creative crisis and each song is worse than the previous one.In frustration Serdyuchka closes in the toilet and comes up with there new song "do Re Mi", which is slang for musicians mean categorical response to the machinations of the envious.We shot the video very quickly, in just one take, " said the Director of the clip semen Gorov Agency "Success".Despite the previously made statement about parting with walk because of the star, Serdyuchka has remained true to their headdress. But changed the length of the skirt: playful songs she tried on the mini.- And Serdyuchka-shaped - we took off her coat and was dressed in a form-fitting dress, says stylist clip Angela Fox. She even joked about it: "I like after liposuction. Just Baskov?!" Source: Verka Serduchka-dancing with a raccoon (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan will star in a low-budget film

Lindsay Lohan will star in a low-budget filmHeadache Hollywood troublemaker Lindsay Lohan plans to play Nude. Red-haired star will play the waitress, a woman suffering from nymphomania. Lindsay believes that the only way she will be able to become a real, Mature actress.Drama with a romantic name "Florence" is a low-budget, so the fee star is only 40 thousand dollars. The producers want to see starring the young and successful actress, which is a 21-year-old Lindsay, writes British newspaper the Sun.For interesting roles Lindsay agreed to undress for a minimal fee. The actress is famous for the scandalous reputation - she has not once been in trouble with the law, and the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Lindsay was even brought to trial for driving under the influence. Читать полностью -->

Buzova saw Tretyakova with a new lover

Buzova saw Tretyakova with a new lover The intrigue with the separation-reunion of one of the most famous couples "House-2" ended in a very ugly way. Roman Tretyakov found himself a new girl outside of telestroyki, Olga Buzova remained on the project, one trying still love to build.Viewers almost every day in the broadcast channel TNT watched abandoned and crying Olga Buzova. Many believe that the Roma had been very unfair. Not to forget: the pair were together for four years.When last year Tretyakov left the project due to family circumstances, he at first could not decide whether to meet with Olga outside of telestroyki. Then the guy said that he had another girl. According to Tretyakov, the new girlfriend is a much stronger feeling than Buzova.Olga gradually calmed down and after some time after the rupture with Roma even started to accept the advances of other young people. Читать полностью -->

Committed by the son of Hulk Hogan the accident hung up on the father

Committed by the son of Hulk Hogan the accident hung up on the fatherRenowned actor, producer, writer and wrestler Hulk Hogan is suing a man who was injured in a car accident, being in his son's car.The trial began on Monday in Clearwater, Florida. Trustee John Graziano sued for Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, as his son Nick Bollea is still a minor.Graziano was a passenger nick Bollea in his car Toyota Supra. As they drove, Nick lost control and crashed into a tree, resulting in Graziano was badly damaged, as was not wearing a seatbelt, according to the website "news of America".Currently Graziano, who is a veteran of Iraq, is in a semi-conscious condition and the doctors fear for his life.In regards to nick prosecuted for careless riding, and lawyers require Hulk Hogan a few million dollars. Source: Arranged by the son of Hulk Hogan the accident hung up on the father. . . Читать полностью -->

Wife of Oscar Kuchera was hiding from his son

Wife of Oscar Kuchera was hiding from his sonOskar Kuchera's happy with his current wife Julia. Together, the couple has two sons, and their first little girl gave birth secretly from Oscar.This love story may seem incredible. The Oscar and Julia wonder how this could happen."With Julia our story began long ago, seven years ago. One day I wandered into a fashion store, and the saleswoman there was a girl that I have inside like something exploded. It seemed that she looks like Nelly Furtado is a singer that I really liked, " recalls Oscar. - In General, I fell in love with Julia at first sight".By the way, Oscar was not so popular, and he likes beauty didn't even recognize him. Читать полностью -->

Kylie Minogue has found a Russian DJ

Kylie Minogue has found a Russian DJThe famous singer Kylie Minogue is now cooperating with the Russian DJ. The Australian star has officially approved the remake of his song Russian sound-producer Dmitry Almazov, better known as DJ Bobina.Negotiations with Dmitry authors hit Slow, and Kylie performs in collaboration with Dan Carey Beebe on departure and Emiliani Torrini, were long. But in the end all the legal formalities have been settled, and February 7 at music stores appeared cover Bobina song Kylie Minogue.The track received a completely new arrangement and was recorded by the Russian producer. Before you submit your creation to a mass audience, Bobina demonstrated his creation Kylie Minogue and her co-authors.They all endorsed a cover version, and the track came out. They say it's almost the only case of obtaining regulatory approval of a remake of such a stellar author. Recall, Kylie Minogue after an illness triumphantly returned to the stage, and this summer she arrives in Moscow in the framework of the world tour.As for the new cover versions of the song Slow, several copies of the single have been delivered to leading Russian disc-jockeys. Читать полностью -->

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