In Lviv immortalized manhood Sacher-Masoch

In Lviv immortalized manhood Sacher-MasochIn the centre of Lviv is a monument to one of the famous Lvov - controversial Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The piquancy of the monument - not only in the flamboyant personality of the hero, but in indecent interactivity of the monument.It is molded in such a way that through the left pocket of my pants Sacher-Masoch and touch his "manhood" to happiness.In addition, just above the chest level Sacher-Masoch would be mounted magnifying glass through which can be considered erotic pictures. The creation of this bronze masterpiece at a cost of $15 thousand. In Lviv already has a mini-monuments sipping beer good soldier Schweik, the hero Hasek, Smile and peeing dog. Reported by the Ukrainian edition of "Today.". . Читать полностью -->

Writer Maurice Druon celebrates 90th anniversary

Writer Maurice Druon celebrates 90th anniversaryThe President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the 90th anniversary of the famous French writer Maurice Druon, ITAR-TASS reported.In the telegram, the text of which is quoted by the press service of the Kremlin, stated: "the Remarkable book, belonging to Your Peru, loved by many generations of Russian readers - thrilling millions of readers of historical novels regularly republished in Russian and rapidly sold out"."The name by Maurice Druon in the minds of Russians firmly in one row with such classics of French literature, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas and Stendhal, - said Putin. - In our country You know and as a loyal friend of Russia, which doesn't spare efforts to strengthen the friendly and fruitful Russian-French relations, primarily in the field of culture".Born Maurice Druon originates from three regions - Flanders, Brazil and Russia. "My father is a native of Russia, from the family of the Orenburg doctor says the writer himself. - My first trip to Russia took place in 1951 - and then I repeatedly returned there.". . . Читать полностью -->

Bruce Willis thinks about getting married to model Emma Heming

Bruce Willis thinks about getting married to model Emma Heming"Die hard" Bruce Willis is considering a second marriage. Have a serious relationship with model Emma Heming: always see a couple together, she communicates with her daughters Willis, and they recently bought a house in London.This week, actor turned 53 years old. As the source told the website Gossip Girls, he was enjoying the single life for several years, but realized that it was time to settle down. Recall from demi Moore Willis divorced in 2000 and since then it was attributed novels with many celebrities, in particular, with model Petra Nemkowa and actress Renee Zellweger.In early March, he, along with Emma traveled to London, where he decided to buy a mansion. Lovers have looked chic penthouse with six bedrooms over 30 million pounds on Park lane. "Bruce likes London and he wants to buy apartments to live. Читать полностью -->

The actress, who `sank` athletes

The actress, who `sank` athletes Between sports and art are incredibly a lot in common. Actresses and athletes, depend on the age and transform over time in that age category, which for many can be a very dramatic moment.And in the fusion of art and sport are born sometimes even unprecedented alliances.One of the latest stars who found love in the sports world - Jessica Simpson...the other day she sent birthday greetings to boyfriend Tony Romo, having treated his cake baked in the shape of a star. The cake was decorated with blue glaze, symbolizing the colors of the football team Dallas Cowboys, in which Romo plays and figure 9 - number Tony...Actress Hillary Duff Dating Mike Camry, hockey player, striker NHL team New York Rangers, also incorporates part of the Canadian national team...Meraya Kerry in 1998 novel tied with the new York baseball star Derek Jeter...However, the relationship did not last long - a couple attributes his gap is too intense media attention...Couple Gisele Bundchen and American football star Tom Brady continue to live in love and harmony, despite the fact that ex-girlfriend of Tom recently gave birth to his child. Brady was present during the birth of his son John Edward, who was born 22 August 2007. However, it didn't ruin the relationship with Tom Giselle. They are still together and often catch the eye of the paparazzi...But the situation is Vice versa. Читать полностью -->

16-year-old Jolie posing in bathing suits

16-year-old Jolie posing in bathing suits Long before Angelina Jolie became world famous, future star tried her hand in modeling.American tabloid In Touch in its latest issue published exclusive pictures of 16 year old Angelina posing in bathing suits famous photographer Sean McCall and videos taken during the photo shoot.Jolie began working as a model at age 14. She was busy in the Agency Finesse Model Management and has worked both in the U.S. and in Europe, mainly in Los Angeles, new York and London.In those days, she also starred in music videos with such artists and bands as Meat Loaf ("Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through"), Antonello Venditti ("Alta Marea"), lenny Kravitz ("Stand by My Woman") and The Lemonheads ("It's About Time"). Full Jolie's career in movies began in 1993. Source: 16-year-old Jolie posing in bathing suits (photos). . Читать полностью -->

Celebrities appeared in the paintings of famous artists

Celebrities appeared in the paintings of famous artists Face the most popular Hollywood celebrities graced the masterpieces by world famous artists.With the help of computer technologies have managed to create a gallery, it is entirely plausible replacing the paintings depicted people characters modern gossip, writes The Daily Mail.Transformed patterns can be viewed on the website Worth1000. Particularly harmonious look actress Nicole Kidman on the canvas of Peter Paul Rubens Susanna Furman" ("Straw hat"). Footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria for some reason in dark glasses appeared naked on the classic work of artist Louis Jean Francois Lagrenee.Natalie Portman appeared in the form of "the Madonna of Granduca" the painting by Raphael, and "die hard" Bruce Willis was, according to the authors of the gallery, the artist Vincent van Gogh and replaced him with the classic self-portrait. Julia Roberts was especially good in the artist's painting Sophie Anderson.Elvis Presley almost impossible to distinguish from Paul Lemoyne on the portrait painter Jean Augustin. And looking at two versions of the painting "Cliffhanger" great-grandson of Sigmund Freud, graphics Lucian Freud at all difficult to find the difference, but the facial features of one of the men depicted are reminiscent of Sylvester Stallone.Actor Jack Nicholson looks very respectable gentleman on the canvas Evard Hooper, and grizzled Sean Connery appears in the portrait, where a prominent Mexican painter-fundamentalist Diego Rivera painted his colleague, the famous Spanish painter Joan Miro.Actor Tom cruise shows his commercial skills on canvas by French painter Jean Jerome Leon "Merchant of skins from Cairo". Charming Angelina Jolie appears Nude on canvas by Emile Vernon Among the flowers. Читать полностью -->

The revelation of the heroine's `best film`

The revelation of the heroine's `best film`Actress Elena Velikanova, familiar to viewers for his roles in "Pop music" and "the best film", gives great hope in the movie. And, as it turned out, afraid to grow up.About it, about working on the show "River-sea" and many other young actress said in a recent candid interview. On the question of how she became an actress, she replied: "Well, I, of course, from childhood staged home shows, concerts... And when it came time to act, just in case I have applied for and in the Schepkin drama school and in the MAI. And I was accepted!". . Читать полностью -->

Dudevu not allowed to leave Gverdtsiteli

Dudevu not allowed to leave Gverdtsiteli After the Duo of Dmitry Dyuzhev and Tamara Gverdtsiteli won the project "Two stars", more time the artists have to spend together. As she says Tamara Mikhailovna, they just cannot get to part.So this star Duo after the show survived. "We are not allowed to part - vengeance invited to speak together, said Gverdtsiteli. - In addition, especially for us already written new songs. For example, the composer Kim Breitburg. But we first want to demonstrate the best that we already have".Before the project "Two stars" Tamara Mikhailovna and Dmitry were practically unknown, the newspaper "Trud". Читать полностью -->

Illegitimate son of JFK requires recognition

Illegitimate son of JFK requires recognitionThe late John F. Kennedy, U.S. President, assassinated by a sniper shot in 1963, showed up the next of kin. John Worthington claims that he is the illegitimate son of JFK.The author of the sensational statements 45 years, he is American, but currently residing in Canada. Worthington was born a year before the death of John Kennedy and, according to him, it actively participated 35th President of the United States, who had an affair with the future mother of Worthington is a native of Texas.Now a contender for the famous name requires members of the Kennedy family to do DNA analysis and to acknowledge him as their family member. Journalists, he said he is well aware of the reaction to his actions in the American society that "does not consider it necessary to wash dirty linen in public", but Worthington believes that he is doing "the right thing".Nouveau son of John Kennedy announced his existence to Senator Ted Kennedy, brother of the late President after U.S. Читать полностью -->

Scandalous reporter naked in the style of `Lohan Monroe`

Scandalous reporter naked in the style of `Lohan Monroe` Recently we wrote about a candid photo shoot Lindsay Lohan for New York magazine, where the actress appeared in the form of Marilyn Monroe. Now "in the image of Lohan in the image of Monroe" starring controversial American journalist gay Michael Musto.Michael Musto - known in America secular columnist, host of a weekly column in the magazine "Village Voice". Impressed erotic photo shoot Lindsay Lohan, he decided to transform into a sultry blonde 1950s. Noting in his article that now in Hollywood it has become fashionable to admire Marilyn Monroe, and after finding Lindsay have a lot in common between his fate and the life of the famous actress, flamboyant journalist armed with a wig and a transparent pink chiffon and did his version of legendary pictures. To understand from whom Monroe was better, see our photo gallery. Source: the Scandalous reporter naked in the style of "Lohan Monroe" (photo). Читать полностью -->

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