Galkin did not want to talk about Pugacheva

Galkin did not want to talk about PugachevaMaxim Galkin and to start a relationship with Alla Pugacheva was quite popular and the inattention of the press could not complain.Now, when close friends of comedian is the Diva herself, his persona became even more interesting for fans and journalists.As already experienced in such matters people, Galkin to communicate with the press fit carefully. So, in a recent interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Maxim told about myself, but here to talk about Alla Pugacheva didn't want to.On the question about the personal qualities of the singer Galkin responded quite florid."Pugacheva all quality - good. Alla Borisovna if he wants to talk about their qualities, the one doing it, " said Maxim. - I always thought that Allah does not like when someone says what it is. Certainly, Alla generous souls, reliable. But, you know, any definition would be inadequate. Читать полностью -->

Stas Pieha left one girl in a nightclub

Stas Pieha left one girl in a nightclubOn the set of the series "Love is not show business" with "Muz" the singer jumped ardent admirer Edita Piekha and a pure heart began offering Stas a jar of homemade jam.Stas refused delicacy currant, but the man didn't give up. To interrupt this awkward for the singer of the moment could only command the Director of "Stop! Cut!".The scenario Stas (by the way, he plays himself) went to a restaurant to make amends in front of his girlfriend Maya. Beloved Peha, played by singer Renata, ticked off at him because of the fact that he left her alone in a nightclub. But the talk is not destined to take place. The most interesting place he was interrupted dishwasher in a restaurant, caught an avid fan of Edita Piekha. Young people have to leave the school, and discussing important issues. Читать полностью -->

Joseph Prigogine changes Valeria with another girl

Joseph Prigogine changes Valeria with another girlAt the concert, dedicated to the release of a new album of group "Reflex" "Blondes 126", Joseph Prigogine appeared accompanied by Zhenya Malakhova.But have not had time to lie down impressions from the presentation of the first English-language album Valerie, where Prigogine did not depart from it."Today I received a text message from Eugene, after which just could not come. Though I came home tired from work. But after this message... It's a secret, she wrote," said Joseph.The presentation also introduces the ex-soloist of "Reflex" Irene Nelson. In her honor the Actresses undressed on stage. After the song ends, the girls dressed without thinking Mikey right in front of the amazed public. Читать полностью -->

Lolita feels Zemfira

Lolita feels Zemfira Presentation of a new album Vlad Topalov hardly would have attracted such attention, if not for two intriguing factor: live concert sound and Lolita as an entertainer.Singer and TV presenter not only managed to entertain the guests during the technical hitches, but also told the audience the news of show business."It is strange, of course, that 44-year-old woman supporting young boy. But Vlad is very good, he could easily be my son. But I didn't," said Lolita from the scene.Maybe paired with Vlad Lolita and looked too adult, but skillfully kept and not allowed to miss anyone.TV experience and lack of complexes prompted her to ask interesting questions. So the subject of discussion was the personal life of Vlad and his backing vocalists: this is an interesting question Lolita could not leave without attention. But in response to all provocations only joked and began the concert. While Vlad, dressed in a tuxedo and sneakers, jumping on the scene, Lolita has attracted attention. Читать полностью -->

Lindsay Lohan naked in memory of Marilyn Monroe

Lindsay Lohan naked in memory of Marilyn Monroe Actress Lindsay Lohan appeared in the image of Marilyn Monroe in an erotic photo shoot for New York magazine.Lohan has repeatedly acknowledged that he admires Marilyn Monroe, and finds in his or her life a lot in common. Therefore, she could not refuse to participate in the remake of the famous photo shoot blondes "The Last Sitting", which once thundered across America. Pictures taken by the same photographer (Ben stern) and accurately recreate the style of the photo with Monroe. They Lindsay stood completely naked, only covered with a transparent material.In a short interview to New York magazine, the actress said that for her the honour to appear as Marilyn Monroe and she didn't feel awkward during the candid shots. Speaking of Monroe, she compared her death with the tragedy that happened with Heath Ledger: "Their death is an example of what can be done with people in show industry. But I'm not them and I hope that to me will not happen".Lindsay is so impressed with the life and work of Monroe that a year ago was planning to buy apartment in which she lived in the 1950-ies, resembles a portal Day. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears Chapter two-paparazzi v changes

Britney Spears Chapter two-paparazzi v changesRoman Britney Spears and her boyfriend, British paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, over the scandal. The singer was caught Adnan treason and shame drove him from his home.A victim of the scandal was the phone Ghalib, who enraged Britney threw into the pool. In memory of the mobile phone lover Spears has found evidence of his infidelity.The actress became suspicious after seeing posted on the Internet video, which was captured Adnan in the company of other girls, the newspaper Sun. Britney checked the phone favorite and found in it a confirmation of his conjectures about a dozen text messages juicy content."There were about a dozen from one girl, all sent in one day," said the source. They were pretty explicit with sexual overtones, that is not something that you can just send to a friend".Reading through the posts, Spears was furious and began to scream. "She wanted to tell her who sent these messages," continues the source, " and shouted: "what Is that? You're cheating on me". Читать полностью -->

Nadezhda Rumyantseva was urgently hospitalized

Nadezhda Rumyantseva was urgently hospitalizedHope Rumyantsev in critical condition was taken to one of the capital's hospitals. 77-year-old actress had complained of severe headaches, which periodically fainted.Health Rumyantseva has deteriorated so much that she was unable to move independently, writes "Your day".For the treatment of the eminent patient doctors use the latest techniques, however, its diagnosis is not known. According to the doctor of the clinic where the treatment Rumyantsev, due to the disease, the actress has lost weight. "We are introducing her vitamins, trying to support the immune system," added the doctor. From the sick wife never leaves her husband, 79-year-old Willie Vartanovich Stoan.Nadine Rumyantseva was born in 1930, in the village of Potapovo in the Smolensk region. After school he entered the state Institute of theatrical arts. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears returned home

Britney Spears returned homeBritney Spears (Britney Spears) left California and returned home in Kenwood, for the first time last year, after hospitalization and guardianship.Next to Britney is her father Jamie (Jamie), which monitors the state of its Affairs prior to the hearing on 31st of June.It is reported that the real reason for the return of Britney home - Baby shower (Baby shower) (this holiday is celebrated in the West in honor of the baby that is soon to be born, and sometimes in honor of the newborn), who arranges sister Britney, Jamie Lynn (Jamie Lynn). In December she announced her pregnancy.The last time Britney came in Kenwood in early 2007, at the funeral of his aunt. Source: Britney Spears returned home. . . . Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears relaxes in the Villa Mel Gibson in Costa Rica

Britney Spears relaxes in the Villa Mel Gibson in Costa Rica Britney Spears went to Costa Rica. To relax, she was invited by Mel Gibson, who has there own viila on the ocean.Only yesterday we reported that old friends flew to the Caribbean nation from Los Angeles, CA private flight. And today the portal Gossip Girls already published photos frolicking on the sea of Spears. "Britney was relaxing at the full: bathing, resting, riding right on the sand in a jeep,"- quotes the edition of one of the witnesses.And here is what he wrote of Costa Rican newspaper Al Dia": "Britney, Mel, the singer's father Jamie Spears and Gibson's wife Robyn Moore has landed in San Jose and from there on a private plane immediately went to the ranch of Chalk in the North-Western area of the country of Guanacaste. Britney tried to hide from photographers under a wide umbrella. It is planned that celebrities spend on the Sunny coast just a few days and will soon return to America. Читать полностью -->

Dina Korzun broke up with her husband

Dina Korzun broke up with her husband As it became known "KP", the disorder in the family was long overdue. Dina recently worked very hard: doing charity work together with her best friend Chulpan Khamatova, acted in films.Louis was busy with his group Р•sthetic Education, which was based in Kiev. He often went on tour through Europe, and preferred to live in London, where he has his own apartment. They married in 2001, and actually met 12 years ago, at the time Dean finished School Mat. However, children they never had, the son of Timur at Korzun from his first marriage.In a divorce the spouses are not yet officially filed. Dean's comment "KP" refused. Читать полностью -->

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