Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers `Eurovision`

Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers `Eurovision`On the eve of the final of "Eurovision-2008", a new argument eruptedThe organizers decided to change the room the singer Diana Gurtskaya, advocating for Georgia.Nerves Gurtskaya and her team to the limit. The organizers of the competition do not accept the teachings of Directors Diana and comply with all their wishes for the decoration of the room.ScandalAs it became known "Z", to give the room Diana the maximum flavor of the Georgian delegation came up with a special lighting design performances. In order to communicate ideas, Directors Gurtskaya used to sit on the negotiations. However, the organizers of "Eurovision" are doing the exact opposite.- We have a feeling that this is done on purpose, - shares with "Z", the representative of the Georgian delegation Sergey. - For several hours we discussed what kind of light we need, and during the rehearsal they do completely different. Source: Gurtskaya a scandal to the organizers of "Eurovision"". Читать полностью -->

Jodie foster has a new mistress

Jodie foster has a new mistressJodie foster broke up with his lover, with whom he lived together for 14 years, due to the fact that fell in love with another woman, reports The Sun with reference to the National Enquirer.An informed source says that the 45-year-old foster changed the producer Sidney Bernard with 51-year-old screenwriter Cindy mort, whom he met while filming The Brave One in 2006. "The love between them broke out last year and since then they are secretly Dating," says a source.Foster and 55-year-old Bernard, who is very upset with the breakup, still live together in Hollywood and raising two boys, which gave birth to foster from the unknown man. However, the actress plans to move to his new sweetheart.Jodie foster met with cydney Bernard in 1993. For seven years the lovers wore on the ring finger of the same engagement ring from Tiffany. Bernard attended two births foster. Who is the father of two sons foster, is still a mystery.The actress was first publicly announced her relationship with Bernard just last year. Читать полностью -->

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