Beauty demi Moore supports leeching

Beauty demi Moore supports leeching46-year-old actress demi Moore proved that she's willing to go to great lengths for rejuvenation. During one of the talk shows on American television ex-wife of Bruce Willis has admitted that she's a fan of leech therapy, reports the Daily Mail.The star, who is married to 30-year-old actor Ashton Ketcherom, said he recently visited Austria, where he pioneered this therapy. "I was always interested in things that are good for health. I was in Austria and took a course of purification, part of which was leech therapy," said Moore."But it was no ordinary swamp leeches, and specially trained medical. Leech therapy has a long history - ancient Egyptian doctors believed that leeches can cure anything," added the actress."They have a special enzyme, which they release when they bite and prolonged bleeding. It purifies the blood. Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov did not give offense to their fans

Kirkorov did not give offense to their fansMoscow will host a new series of commemorative concerts of Philip Kirkorov. 15-30 April Operetta theatre will once again plunge into the fabulous carnival - there will come Mr. Holiday, to give joy to his fans and friends. But miracles start now.This year tickets to the concert of Philip Kirkorov provided unprecedented protection against forgery. They have 11 degrees. This is a unique case in the history of Russian show business. Читать полностью -->

To Nicholas Karachentsov will not return the connected speech

To Nicholas Karachentsov will not return the connected speechFamous actor Nikolai Karachentsov, as we have already mentioned, was treated at the St. Petersburg Institute of the brain. The best artist in the walls of the institution was at first strictly classified, but then close the artist and the doctors finally agreed to lift the veil of secrecy.The main problems Nikolay Karachentsov has arisen. After severe brain damage, the actor was never able to fully recover and still speaks and understands a foreign language. As many experts say, hope for Nikolay Petrovich is not too serious an injury he received.But the Director of the Institute of human brain Russian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of RAS Svyatoslav Medvedev has a different opinion on this."Adult each phase, each group of neurons in the brain is already trained, acquired a "specialty," explains the Director of the brain Institute. Is like the training of recruits - after calling each of them receives specialty: one becomes a minesweeper, the other gunner, the third chef. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears is once again becoming a mom

Britney Spears is once again becoming a momBritney Spears in the few months that takes care of her father Jamie Spears, was quite different. Using alcohol and drugs and impresses everyone with his wild antics Britney is no more.But there is another Brittany, who goes to the gym, sunbathing on the beach, starring in the popular sitcom and wants to care for her children.These positive changes are noticed and in court, the newspaper writes Us Weekly. Tuesday during the regular session on the case about custody of young sons Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline, the singer was allowed to spend more time with the kids.Recall that custody is now only Kevin. After the January incident, when Spears refused at the appointed hour to return the children to the father, the singer was taken to the hospital, and kids Sean Preston and Jayden James had to be taken by the police.Then Britney has lost the right to even see his children. This was followed by several more weeks, during which the singer was acting more than strange. It ended in hospitalization, Spears acknowledged incapable, and now all things knows her father. Читать полностью -->

Jennifer aniston will write a book about himself, pitt and Jolie

Jennifer aniston will write a book about himself, pitt and JolieJennifer aniston decided to write an autobiography. In it she told us about her family life with Brad pitt, will reveal the reasons for the divorce and will Express what he thinks about angelina Jolie."The book can destroy the relationship between Angelina and brad. Jen proves that the word can be sharper than a sword" - quoted by "the Telegraph" sources close to Jennifer aniston. Among other things, the book will be given the scandalous details of her divorce, aniston and pitt.Around the memoirs of the stars of "friends" already a lot of rumors and talk. Brother of Angelina Jolie James haven vengeance defends sister, who, he said, have never dared to hurt another woman, not having a reason. They also say that aniston was offered ex-husband and his new lover to meet to discuss the details of the book, but the couple refused to meet, thereby unleashing Jennifer's hands. Читать полностью -->

New companion Joseph Prigogine

New companion Joseph PrigogineAt the concert, dedicated to the release of a new album of group "Reflex" "Blondes 126", Joseph Prigogine appeared accompanied by Zhenya Malakhova.But have not had time to lie down impressions from the presentation of the first English-language album Valerie, where Prigogine did not depart from it."Today I received a text message from Eugene, after which just could not come. Though I came home tired from work. But after this message... It's a secret, she wrote," said Joseph.The presentation also introduces the ex-soloist of "Reflex" Irene Nelson. In her honor the Actresses undressed on stage. After the song ends, the girls dressed without thinking Mikey right in front of the amazed public. Читать полностью -->

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