In Vienna, opened the Days of Russian cinema

In Vienna, opened the Days of Russian cinemaIn the cinema hall of the Vienna multiplex via Gasometer on Thursday opened the Days of Russian cinema, devoted to 100 anniversary of Russian film production, ITAR-TASS reported."The festival presents seven new Russian films of different genres," - said the General Director of the Russian company "Sovexportfilm" Grigory Gevorkyan.Among them - the winner of the XXIX Moscow international film festival, Vera's Watchdog "Travelling with Pets" with Dmitry Duuuum, Anna Mikhalkova and Mikhail Efremov.Residents of the Austrian capital will see the next version of Gogol's "the Gamblers" - tape "Russian game" Pavel Chukhrai, starring Sergei Makovetsky, Sergey Garmash, Andrey Merzlikin. In the poster of the days of Russian cinema also tape "Swing", "Listening to silence", "Vanya".The film adaptation of his novel "nostalgia for the future" was presented by the writer, scriptwriter and producer Victor Dobrohoczki. At the premiere in Vienna, arrived and actress Olga Kabo, who played the main role in this film.In turn, Anton Megerdichev brought his directorial debut - a film "shadow-Fighting-2", which, according to some estimates, has already collected about 11-12 million dollars and entered the "top ten" leaders of the Russian film distribution."In recent years, in Russia annually produces about 200 films," said the head of "Sovexportfilm". In his words, "fees hire services in 2007 amounted to more than 550 million dollars, which is almost 31% more than in 2006". "Moreover, the share of Russian films in this training camp last year exceeded 26%", - quotes the words Gevorgyan RIA "Novosti".Gevorgyan said that the Days of Russian cinema held in Vienna for the second year in a row. The last time the particular success of the film by Pavel Lungin's "the Island", which was represented by Viktor Sukhorukov.The head of "Sovexportfilm" also said that "after a long hiatus, revived the tradition of holding Russian film festivals abroad". Читать полностью -->

The world learned the names `worst religious leaders`

The world learned the names `worst religious leaders`The influential magazine Foreign Policy has published an unexpected rating, which lists the names of the "worst of the religious leaders of the world".In the "black list" includes: Hassan Nasrallah (Muslim-Shi'a, the leader of the Lebanese organization Hezbollah), Joseph Kony, officially declaring themselves as Christian, but unofficially the leader of their religious worship and the Lord's Resistance Army" (Lord s Resistance Army), serving in Uganda. Among those who fell in the ranking - member of the Indian Parliament the Hindu Yoga Adityanath, Deputy in the Parliament of Sri Lanka the Buddhist Amoralia Ratana, the representative of the Hasidic areas of Judaism, the Chief Rabbi of the settlement of Kiryat Arba Dov Lior.All these religious leaders for many years actively encouraged their followers to acts of terrorism and violence, sometimes directly driving such actions, reports the website of the Washington Profile. Source: the World learned the names of the "worst religious leaders"". . . . Читать полностью -->

Sofia Rotaru has revealed the secret of eternal youth

Sofia Rotaru has revealed the secret of eternal youthMaxim Galkin is a known fan of the older singers. It turns out that in addition to Alla Pugacheva and Maxim still loves and Sofia Rotaru.Moscow recently hosted Jubilee concert of Sofia Rotaru. Led them Maxim Galkin. "I am a great admirer of Sophia Mikhailovna, - said Maxim before the concert. I love her Ukrainian and Moldavian songs and gladly responded to the invitation to spend her anniversary concerts. Hope we will hear their favorite songs from her repertoire - Moldovan "Romance", the Ukrainian "native land" and in Russian "the Red arrow".Rotaru called the people's artist of the three States - Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. Читать полностью -->

Aurora captivates the audience with incredible dancing

Aurora captivates the audience with incredible dancing Aurora in the framework of the project "Stars change profession" for a month mastered Saronno swimming. For the final presentation, the presenter learned to make such incredible PA under water, and I was very surprised.However, the mentor TV stars - champion of the USSR in synchronized swimming Irina Potemkin - does not consider that Aurora is ideal for this sport."At first, it was necessary to understand how Aurora water: "you" or "you" - the sportswoman speaks. - She had all these complicated strokes and especially, of course, ignite. This exercise, when you need to stand on the water. There are many important things: light bone, light legs, buoyancy. I can't say that Aurora everything was perfect: the rise, sock.The performances Aurora on her head was a flower, which at some time fell. Читать полностью -->

Rihanna will try myself as an actress

Rihanna will try myself as an actressThe rapidly growing army of pop and rock artists, with varying degrees of success storming cine Olympus, soon added another "fighting unit".Following in the footsteps of Beyonce and to try myself as an actress and decided the main current competitor black beauty from Destiny's Child is an American singer Barbados-born Rihanna.It is reported that the pop star has accepted an invitation to star in a drama directed by Darren Grant Mama Black Widow. Picture, work on which started in the beginning of the year in Hollywood, is the film adaptation of the eponymous novels of Iceberg slim, released in 1969, the year.In the book of slim tells about the everyday life of black families who moved from Mississippi in "black Chicago ghetto in search of happiness. The action of the novel takes place in the realities of the great depression in the 30-ies.The head of the family will play a famous rapper Mos Def. About the role allotted to Rihanna, not yet reported.For Darren Grant Mama Black Widow will be the debut feature film previously, he focused only on short forms, i.e., video clips. Among the best works of the Grant can recall videos for Alaya (Miss You), Boyz II Men Pass You By) and Destiny-s Child ("urvivor).The premiere of the film scheduled for the first half of 2009 year. Source: Rihanna try myself as an actress. Читать полностью -->

Diana Gurtskaya staged in Belgrade parade

Diana Gurtskaya staged in Belgrade paradeDiana, representing the Eurovision song contest Georgia, in the first pre-competition days behaved quietly and modestly. But on the eve of the opening ceremony made a real parade on the main pedestrian street of the capital of Serbia.The show shocked even seasoned representatives hangouts. In the company of his brother, Robert, and all of the Georgian delegation Diana had fun like a little kid. If at first the company just walked up and down the highways and sang songs, so at the end of the evening the group in the truest sense of the word began to kick up a row.We decided to make this a real parade, a show with dancing, with drums, launch the balls, says "Z" singer's husband Peter. Source: Diana Gurtskaya staged in Belgrade parade. . Читать полностью -->

A rating of the sexiest wives footballers

A rating of the sexiest wives footballers British magazine Nuts has made a rating of the sexiest soccer wives.Strong leadership in this list is the lead singer of Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole.However, her marriage with England midfielder and Chelsea Ashley Cole lasted only 18 months and was under threat after he cheated on her with 22-year-old Aimee Walton, who did not hide what happened.Also in the list of Nuts was the wife of the goalkeeper of the national team of Italy and Turin Juventus Gianluigi Buffon is a Czech model Alena Seredova, which is not surprising.Recently fighting friend gave birth to the goalkeeper of the son, but the figure of Seredova it does not spoiled.Another Slav, who is in the list of Nuts magazine, the singer Anastasia Kosenkova, former soloist of the group "Topless" and TV presenter. She's married to the best Belarusian player Alexander Hleb - midfielder London "Arsenal".Gleb Kosenkova and were married in October of 2006, but long concealed this fact.Got a list of the sexiest wives of football players and wife of David Beckham Victoria Adams, ex-soloist of the group Spice Girls.Although many accuse Victoria in excessive thinness and abuse of plastic surgery, she not only made the list Nuts as one of the sexiest wives of football players, but also as the possessor of best feet.Is on the list and more familiar to fans of the sport girls.Alessia Merz. She's twenty-eighth...Thirty-first place is Alessia, Fabiani.Alessia Marcuzzi thirty-fourth.Not lost in the rankings and a friend striker "Manchester city" Bernardo Corradi Elena Santarelli. She is on the 48th place.At the sixty-first model, actress and wife Cristiano Vieri - Melissa Satta.But if you someone is not found in the rating, don't despair - most likely it is the result of a complete lack of taste in England. And you can safely make your rating. Source: a Rating of the sexiest wives footballers (photos). Читать полностью -->

Daria Dontsova was accused of plagiarism

Daria Dontsova was accused of plagiarism"Ironic detective" Darya Dontsova, it seems, played with the author of a cruel joke. This is the conclusion users "LiveJournal".The first signs of borrowing notice of the readers of the famous blogger - editor of Maxim magazine Igor Chersky. Now nick meticulously collect evidence that Dontsov, who a couple of years ago from the pages of the media promised to give caught her in plagiarism lifetime royalties for that book", wittingly or unwittingly exploited other people's creations.Disputes about borrowing in the works of one of the most popular women writers of the publishing house "Eksmo" began on 20 may 2008 with the filing of one of the readers page of Igor Chersky (own name of the author. - Ed.) in the "Live journal"."It all started with the fact that in one of his posts I posted a link to a story of his own composition, which was published in the journal "Pocket" in March 2000 entitled "Remembering Oxford," explained Chersky in an interview with the newspaper VIEW. - A whole 8 years later, when the text have work up all over the Internet, someone posted it on the "Edge". I wondered what it sends you junk, and posted a link to your blog".Almost immediately she responded one of the readers: she claimed that several years ago I saw the exact same story, only on the pages completely separate works. Читать полностью -->

`The Golden bough` Cannes film festival got the French

`The Golden bough` Cannes film festival got the French"Palme d'or" at the 61st Cannes film festival was awarded to the film by Laurent cantet "Between walls" (Entre les murs), reports decision was announced by the President of the jury Sean Penn during the closing ceremony of the festival on Sunday evening. "It's an amazing film, noted American actor and filmmaker. - The jury's decision was unanimous".The film "Between the walls" tells about the everyday life of a young teacher of French in College for disadvantaged children. The film was shot based on the autobiographical novel by Francois Bigode. "We wanted to make a film about contemporary French society: diverse, vibrant and complex," said Bart, taking home the prize from the hands of Robert de Niro.French film wins at the Cannes film festival for the first time since 1987.The best actor got Benicio del Toro for the role of Ernesto Che Guevara in the film, Steven Soderbergh's "Che" (Che) about the famous Latin American revolutionary. Best actress recognized Brazilian Sandra Corveloni for his starring role in the film, Walter Salsa and Daniela Toma "tangent" (Linha de Passe). Читать полностью -->

May 28, Ludmila Petrushevskaya will open his exhibition

May 28, Ludmila Petrushevskaya will open his exhibitionNovelist and playwright Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, which on 26 may 2008, aged 70 years, will open on Wednesday, may 28 at the State literary Museum exhibition In the gardens of other possibilities".The jubilee project will run until June 24, according to a press release of the exhibition.The exhibition includes posters, photographs, books, videos, graphics author cycles of "Mania roses", "tango", "the sitter's Song" and "Till tomorrow for five days" and cartoons taken the Lyudmila Petrushevskaya and scenarios ("Tale of tales" by Yuri Norstein, "If tyri-Bondi, the evil wizard", "the Stolen sun", "Bunny tail", "cat who could sing"). In addition, guests of the Literary Museum will see hats and necklaces made by the writer.In the days of the Moscow international open book festival (11-15 June) will be a special program "Days of Petrushevskaya", which will include a presentation of a new book about the writer. How RIA Novosti reports, compiled from the recollections of friends Petrushevskaya: Galina Volchek, Roman Viktyuk, Otar Iosseliani, Yuri Norstein, Irina Antonova, Thekla Thick, Andrey Bartenev, Victor Pelevin, and many others. Source: may 28, Ludmila Petrushevskaya will open his exhibition. . . Читать полностью -->

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