Scientists have found the Friedrich Schiller in his grave

Scientists have found the Friedrich Schiller in his graveA group of German and Austrian physicians and anthropologists who studied the skull of the German dramatist and poet Friedrich Schiller, buried in Weimar, came to the conclusion that it belongs to another person.Another skull, which also would be expected to be a skull Schiller, according to DNA tests, also turned out to be somebody else, the Guardian writes. According to the Associated Press in Weimar grave skeleton Schiller is bogus: it is made from the bones of several different people. Where are the authentic remains of the author of "Mary Stuart" and "Wallenstein" is unknown.Friedrich Schiller died in 1805 and was buried in Weimar in a common grave. In 1826 the town mayor decided to rebury the poet with honors, but when the exhumation from a mass grave was extracted 23 of the skull. The largest of these found belonging to Schiller. In 1911 physician August von Froriep showed the public one more "authentic" skull Schiller. Читать полностью -->

The details of the party in honor of the 16th anniversary of Abramovich's daughter

The details of the party in honor of the 16th anniversary of Abramovich's daughterThe party in honor of the 16th birthday of the daughter of the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich Anne died down last week, but continue to discuss it until now. Experts argue whether it is feasible to arrange such an expensive festival for teenagers.The Times (the full text on the website describes the details of a Grand celebration. Anna promised my friends that it will be "the best party in principle", and kept his word.The event was arranged for 500 students at the school Godolphin and Latymer, where he studied Anna, and cost the dad of the birthday girl in a few hundred thousand pounds.Informal invitation to the feast of Anna in a nightclub in London's West end were circulated on the social network Facebook in January. Then, five days before the event, started handing out envelopes of glossy black paper, in which were the silver card, decorated with the initials of Anna. About the same time, all invited the girls got on bracelet with silver and crystal charms, and boys on black leather bracelet strap, decorated with beads. As it became known, the design was elaborated by Anna herself.The club were admitted only on these bracelets. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton will take part in a popular TV show

Paris Hilton will take part in a popular TV showThanks to the paparazzi now almost the whole world knows about the plans of a socialite on the month of March.Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) judging by the above-mentioned will be very intense end of the month. Anyone who writes for Paris similar program, obviously cares about the heiress to a multimillion state is not bored. Or Vice versa, to somehow distract from Paris riotous adventures of a night club, someone very skillfully paints her time.Among the destinations where Paris will go to the end of March and Istanbul, and Cologne, and Munich, and London, and Prague. During this time, Hilton will have time to visit a judge at a beauty contest, learns the art Safari, and will also participate in TV shows and film premieres. Source: Paris Hilton will take part in a popular TV show. . Читать полностью -->

Unusual buy pitt and Jolie

Unusual buy pitt and JolieBrad pitt and Angelina Jolie do not cease to give reasons for gossip. On this the occasion was an unusual buy a pair.As reported MIGnews, they bought an archipelago consisting of several hundreds of artificial Islands and constructed near the shoreline Arab Emirates.The General form of the archipelago repeats the shape of the continents of the Earth and has a pretentious name "the world". It is anticipated that the project will be completed by 2008. All the Islands will be sold to private owners.The exact amount of the transaction were not disclosed, but perhaps we are talking about the amount of 25-30 million dollars. The Islands divide the Straits of a width of 50 to 100 meters. The cost of such luxury housing from 7 million to 1.8 billion US dollars. Читать полностью -->

Kate moss lost a new collection of clothes

Kate moss lost a new collection of clothesBritish airline British Airways lost Luggage supermodel Kate moss. Eight suitcases filled to the brim with novelties of the season spring-fall 2008, were lost in the London airport.Two weeks ago, 34-year-old model and her five year old daughter flew in from London to Los Angeles, but his Luggage was unable to obtain even a few days later. In eight bags and suitcases were not only personal belongings, but and a designer line that was released Kate for the popular clothing brand. Presentation of the new collection was disrupted.In search of exclusive clothes were thrown all forces of the company, but managed to find only six of the eight suitcases. According to British newspaper the Daily Mail, the contents of unfound Luggage model is estimated in 10 thousand pounds.Kate moss, one of the most popular and sought after models of the last decade, known for the scandalous character. But this time the matter was resolved peacefully - Kate filed a lawsuit. Читать полностью -->

Crazy youth Western celebrities

Crazy youth Western celebrities Drew Barrymore was born into a family of actors. She is the youngest representative of the acting dynasty.Her parents, Judd and John drew Barrymore, her grandfather John Barrymore, and the grandmother Dolores Costello, and great-uncle Lionel Barrymore and great-aunt Ethel Barrymore established themselves as well-known actors of theatre and cinema.Being still a baby, 11 months old, drew starred in a commercial for the company "Puppy Choice", which produces food for dogs.Two years later she made her debut on television, where the partner of the girl was Joan Bennett . Source: Crazy youth Western celebrities (photos). . . . Читать полностью -->

Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins

Angelina Jolie gave birth to twinsOn Friday, the famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins. Childbirth took place in France.Prior to this, the screen stars were already three adopted child - a five-year Maddox from Cambodia, three year old pax from Vietnam and two year-old Zahara from Ethiopia. Angelina Jolie and brad pitt and have his own daughter Shiloh Nouvel, may 27, which was two years, reports the business newspaper "Sight".A mother and her two newborn baby feel good. According to preliminary information, one of the twins decided to give the name of the Islay Marselin in honor of the mother of Angelina Jolie and the other is called Amelie Jane, to honor the mother of brad pitt, said "Echo of Moscow".Recall that the secret of her pregnancy, the actress revealed just two weeks ago. As written, the Days., during an interview at the Cannes film festival in France partner Jolie on the dubbing of the animated film "Kung Fu Panda" speaking of the future posterity in the plural. Star of films about Lara Croft confirmed that awaits the twins. Читать полностью -->

Zavorotnyuk told the truth about breaking up with Zhigunov

Zavorotnyuk told the truth about breaking up with ZhigunovThe last time the personal life of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is again under public scrutiny. To break Sergey Zhigunov has become a sensation and has caused a lot of rumors and gossip.The actress decided to dot the "i" and spoke to the magazine "7 days" the truth about his breakup with Sergey Zhigunov."I told Sergei about the break after the New year. Can't say that our relationship has deteriorated. No. They simply did not. We broke up without screaming, swearing, smashing crockery. Читать полностью -->

A contest for the best April fool's story

A contest for the best April fool's storySinger, artist, songwriter, just the owner of a great sense of humor Yakovlev announces a competition - "Make a star".You have one week to participate in the contest, to win and to be the guest star for dinner at a restaurant! Don't miss this opportunity!You have all chances to become one of three winners of the contest "make' em Laugh.Have you forgotten!? Ahead of 1 April!All you need is to send the funniest April fool's story to the email address and you have all chances to become one of three winners of the contest "make' em Laugh."I will personally monitor the progress of the competition, communicate with you and otherwise help you" - gives personal guidance to participants Yakovlev!So, the three narrators of the funniest April fool's stories will be invited for dinner at a restaurant PERSONA GRATA with a very merry star - Yakovlev. The owners of the other four funny stories, according to the stars, get CDs autographed Yakovlev. The contest will run all week!March 31, Yakovlev will summarize the results of the contest "Make a star".Write! Participate! Win!Attention! Sending in your stories, be sure to include the Name and telephone number (all possible telephone numbers) for which you can be contacted. Only when these data about the participant's history will be reviewed by the editors and the star. Source: a contest for the best April fool's story. . Читать полностью -->

Sarah Michelle Gellar - charming vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar - charming vampire Slayer The script is about how a beautiful girl wets herself different inhumans, Sarah loved it. "He was so well-written that I wanted to play at least some role!" says Gellar.First, she auditioned for "some" role - the role of Cordelia. And then suddenly in Sara woke up the nerve and she said: "I want to be Buffy!!!" In the interview the actress read the proposed text several times. The producers thought the girl too "green" for the Central role. However, after few minutes she called again. "Well, read it again!" - said one of the acceptors. Читать полностью -->

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