Premiere animation `Star wars: the clone wars` will be held on 15 August

Premiere animation `Star wars: the clone wars` will be held on 15 AugustPremiere of the animated film based on the epic George Lucas "Star wars" "Star wars: the clone wars" will be held on August 15, 2008 in theaters in the U.S., reported representatives of the film companies Lucasfilm Ltd. and the Warner Bros.After the release of "the clone Wars" on the big screen on TV channels Cartoon Network and TNT starts the eponymous animated series, reports Reuters."I felt about Star wars too much to tell," said Lucas in an official press release. I really wanted to start to share with animation and continue to work in this direction in future".We will remind, after the premiere of "Revenge of the Sith" in 2005, Lucas said that will no longer make movies about space adventures and will do animations. A new TV version of "Star wars" is based on technology of virtual animations developed for the filming of the last of the epic story, and cartoon characters made on the basis of the real heroes of the same name cartoon series."Star wars" tell us about cosmic intergalactic battles for the lead, but "the clone wars" will develop some other storyline. Main characters - Anakin Skywaker and Padme Amidala added new characters, among which Padawan Anakin Ahsoka.As was reported at Lucasfilm, each episode of the TV project will last 30 minutes. In the series, the Jedi knights will battle famous villains such as count Dooku and General grievous. Читать полностью -->

Telegraph: Putin and Stalin build memorial cemetery (photo project)

Telegraph: Putin and Stalin build memorial cemetery (photo project)Vladimir Putin intends to realize the unrealized idea of Joseph Stalin and create in Moscow cemetery, where are buried the greatest statesmen.As writes the Telegraph, last week the bulldozers have already begun to prepare a place for "national military memorial cemetery" in the North of the Russian capital. It was there, suggest the authors of the article, Putin may one day be buried side by side with Stalin - a dictator, which he is said to deeply respects.Experts believe that this memorial will be similar to the famous Arlington cemetery in the United States and one of the most ambitious architectural projects since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Construction completion is scheduled for 2010. By this time in the territory of about 52 hectares will appear obelisks, Golden statues of the heroes of Russian history and friezes depicting workers in heroic poses.This project emphasizes the Telegraph, will embody all of the Putin era, which will officially end on 7 may. The grandeur and the enormity of the needs, the architects, to reflect the splendor of a resurgent Russia, and critics have noticed that this style was characteristic of the Soviet era (remember the vivid example of the "Stalinist classicism" - the project of the Palace of Soviets of the USSR height of more than four hundred metres from hundred-meter statue of Lenin on the roof), and called it a bad sign.It is noteworthy that the idea of the main public cemetery originated in the early 1990-ies. Then the concept of the enterprise "Mosproject-4". Читать полностью -->

Ornella Muti evades taxes

Ornella Muti evades taxesThe finances of the famous Italian actress Ornella Muti interested in the tax police in connection with which it will now have to pay extra taxes to the Treasury a total of 2.3 million euros, according lastampa.In 1994, the 52-year-old actress became a resident of Monte Carlo, to avoid paying taxes in Italy, however, according to the tax authorities, continued to reside in Rome, where her children live. The clue for the tax police became in particular the fact that it is designed to work nurse. After that Muti had filed tax claims from 1995 to 2000.The Ornella Muti claims that its main activity is abroad, and children live in Rome only because it involves agreement with her ex-husband. In addition, according to her, in the above-mentioned period, she was "intimate relationship" with a French citizen, which should confirm its links abroad.However, after analyzing the movement of the actress, purchases made with a credit card, which she never used in Monte Carlo, her participation in TV and film projects, the court came to the conclusion that the majority of the time Muti conducted in Italy and therefore have to pay taxes there. Source: Ornella Muti evades taxes. . Читать полностью -->

The widow of Bob Marley banned the use of her husband's song

The widow of Bob Marley banned the use of her husband's songRelatives of Bob Marley was not allowed to use any of his songs in biopic Weinstein company Co., the producer of which was made by the widow of a musician Rita Marley.The reason is that at the moment the implementation of a similar project is being directed by Martin Scorsese. The producers of his paintings are the company Tuff Gong Pictures and Steven Bing's Shangri La, owned by the family of the legendary reggae singer, reports Reuters.The family of a musician, specializing in documentary film Scorsese, said that he did not know that the release of the Weinstein company project will take place so soon. They noted that the premiere of biopic at the end of 2009 will intersect with the release of their documentary film, the release of which is scheduled for February 6, 2010, the 65th birthday of the author No Woman No Cry."Martin Scorsese doesn't want to release his film at the same time with the same project, said Chris Blackwell, President of the record company Blue Mountain Music, producing records of gauze. - Will the project Weinstein, is still unknown"."All our efforts and support in the moment, focused on the production of the documentary, said the son of reggae legend ziggy Marley, is the Executive producer Martin Scorsese. - We believe that this project will best reflect my father's life. In addition, any other movie would be incomplete without the use of his music".Blackwell wants the production of biopic Weinstein company was postponed until at least 2015 to two projects do not overlap. Читать полностью -->

Rotaru forever leaves the stage

Rotaru forever leaves the stageNoting last year's 60th anniversary, the artist went to his last tour. To make such a difficult decision forced her to health.How to break the news to fans, Sofia Mikhailovna do not know: that she refuses to tour, you know only the closest - son, daughter and members of her group.Not support the decision of the people's favourite, they could not know the singer better than whoever it was, they saw how hard Sophia Mikhailovna started in late March spring tour, the newspaper "Life".That Rotaru not disingenuous, saying his bad health, has convinced many of those who came last summer to wish her a happy birthday. It was a Grand celebration! A huge number of guests, hours-long feast. It came to friends, colleagues, acquaintances. But she could not ignore and those who gathered at the gates - their fans. When they traditionally were put in the garden of Sofia Mikhailovna, there was pandemonium.Heat, humidity, crowds of people... Читать полностью -->

Top 10 most stylish women of 2008

Top 10 most stylish women of 2008Kate moss has regained the title of most stylish women by the women's magazine Glamour. In 2007 Kylie Minogue overthrew the 34-year-old supermodel from the pedestal on which she stood during three years.But this year, Minogue dropped down to 19th place. I hear black lace cat suit, in which she appeared on the show the X Factor.Chief editor Jo Elvin said about moss: "Kate took revenge. Her independent approach to fashion inspiring.". . . Читать полностью -->

Cameron Diaz arranged for mating on the beach

Cameron Diaz arranged for mating on the beach The actress was photographed by paparazzi during lovemaking, which unfortunately were only part of the shooting process of the film "my sister's Keeper. Cameron during the filming of the picture endowed with a passionate kiss actor Jason Patric.Both are removed in the film by Director nick Cassavetes 'my sister's Keeper" ( My Sister's Keeper ) - the film adaptation of the eponymous novel Jodi Picault.The story unfolds in court, where his mother, former lawyer, my husband and I are protected from their 13-year-old daughter, who is fighting for the right to live without parental care. In addition, the girl sure can much better parents to take care of his cancer-stricken sister. Jason Patrick also did not remain in debt.However, in reality, a Hollywood star now alone - last year, Diaz broke up with Justin Timberlake, with whom she lived for four years.New friend, the actress is not acquired, but do not grieve alone - a recent photo shoot for British GQ magazine confirmed that Cameron is in great shape and ready for bold experiments. Yes and to take a seat next to naughty blonde beauty would dream of thousands of men.Although the actor Gerard Butler, with whom the rumor began to associate Cameron Diaz after a number of joint outputs, hastened to retract it.In it, the actor said: "I'm not Dating Cameron Diaz! I eat lunch with different people, and with Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon - but it just means that I had lunch with them, not more. Really, if I go for a walk with the dog - it means I am in an intimate relationship with a dog? So? No!". Читать полностью -->

Moscow is decorated with statues of Brodsky and Pasternak

Moscow is decorated with statues of Brodsky and PasternakIn the Russian capital it is planned to erect monuments to poets Joseph Brodsky and Boris Pasternak. Such decision was accepted on Tuesday at session of the Commission on monumental art, existing in the Moscow city Duma.A monument to Joseph Brodsky should appear on Novinsky Boulevard, between buildings 28 and N 22. Sculptural composition depicting the poet in full growth, produced Georgy Frangulyan, reports "Russian news service". The Commission on monumental art expresses the hope that the monument will be donated to the Moscow.For the statue of Boris Pasternak space near the Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin in Volkhonka. "Today we have considered only one sketch of the monument, whose author was the sculptor Daniel the natural.. His project, along with others, will participate in the open competition. Читать полностью -->

Sylvester Stallone will star in the sequel of the movie `Cliffhanger`

Sylvester Stallone will star in the sequel of the movie `Cliffhanger`Actor Sylvester Stallone will play the main character in the drama "the Dam", which is a continuation of sensational Thriller "Cliffhanger". However, experts warn that the project may be a failure.Currently, Stallone is negotiating with the production company, Sony Pictures about filming, reports can only speculate what kind of stunts you have to perform in the movie the main character, however, the likely site of action is defined by the name of the picture.On the one hand, the new draft Stallone can wait ill the future, as the predecessor of the "Dam" - the movie "Cliffhanger" - has collected more than a quarter of a billion dollars. However, there are times when shooting the film failed.However, outside the U.S. there are enough viewers who want to see almost an aging Hollywood actor.However, critics hold plot Parallels between the future movie and already taken the picture of "Daylight", where Stallone in the role of Gabe Walker rescues people from the flooded tunnel. The film failed in the United States, because it was collected a total of $ 33 million.Recall that in the action film "Cliffhanger" Stallone played the mountaineer and Explorer Gabe Walker, who goes into the mountains in search of the missing group. Only then the hero realizes that it specifically lured into a trap and come to grips with the gang leader John Lithgow, who is looking for a hiding place in the mountains with money.We will add that Stallone recently filmed the sixth series of blockbuster about the boxer rocky and fourth "Rambo". Читать полностью -->

Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airport

Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airportOn Tuesday morning arrested a man who for many years sent the Oscar winner jodie foster threatening letters. This time he mailed sent a fake bomb at lax airport in Los Angeles.As reported by Reuters, earlier in December, the 42-year-old Michael Smegal was tried in Federal district court of Massachusetts for sending threatening emails to the administration of the Airport van nuis.Official documents confirm that the letter was identical to more than 100 threats, addressed both to foster and to other people of Los Angeles in the period from September 2007 to January 2008.Twice winner of the gold statuettes jodie foster first anonymous threatening letter received in early 2004. Based on officially certified documents, in 2005 Smegal admitted to the police that the letters were sent and he promised not to do.If the court finds Michael to be guilty, he Shine 10 years in prison. Source: Stalker jodie foster threatens to blow up the airport. . . Читать полностью -->

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