Illegitimate son of JFK requires recognition

Illegitimate son of JFK requires recognitionThe late John F. Kennedy, U.S. President, assassinated by a sniper shot in 1963, showed up the next of kin. John Worthington claims that he is the illegitimate son of JFK.The author of the sensational statements 45 years, he is American, but currently residing in Canada. Worthington was born a year before the death of John Kennedy and, according to him, it actively participated 35th President of the United States, who had an affair with the future mother of Worthington is a native of Texas.Now a contender for the famous name requires members of the Kennedy family to do DNA analysis and to acknowledge him as their family member. Journalists, he said he is well aware of the reaction to his actions in the American society that "does not consider it necessary to wash dirty linen in public", but Worthington believes that he is doing "the right thing".Nouveau son of John Kennedy announced his existence to Senator Ted Kennedy, brother of the late President after U.S. Читать полностью -->

Scandalous reporter naked in the style of `Lohan Monroe`

Scandalous reporter naked in the style of `Lohan Monroe` Recently we wrote about a candid photo shoot Lindsay Lohan for New York magazine, where the actress appeared in the form of Marilyn Monroe. Now "in the image of Lohan in the image of Monroe" starring controversial American journalist gay Michael Musto.Michael Musto - known in America secular columnist, host of a weekly column in the magazine "Village Voice". Impressed erotic photo shoot Lindsay Lohan, he decided to transform into a sultry blonde 1950s. Noting in his article that now in Hollywood it has become fashionable to admire Marilyn Monroe, and after finding Lindsay have a lot in common between his fate and the life of the famous actress, flamboyant journalist armed with a wig and a transparent pink chiffon and did his version of legendary pictures. To understand from whom Monroe was better, see our photo gallery. Source: the Scandalous reporter naked in the style of "Lohan Monroe" (photo). Читать полностью -->

32-year-old Frenchwoman was a Danish Princess

32-year-old Frenchwoman was a Danish PrincessHer Royal Highness Princess Marie - so from now on will be referred at official receptions in Denmark to a former citizen of France Marie Cavaliere. Today she became the wife of 38-year-old Joachim, the younger son of Queen Margrethe II.The solemn ceremony ended today in the Cathedral in the South of Denmark, where the happy couple welcomed thousands of locals and foreign tourists, reports ITAR-TASS.Marie Agatha Odile the Cavaliere was born in Paris. Her parents divorced when she was 13 years old. After that, the mother decided to stay with her daughter in Switzerland.To get married to Joachim, the French had to change religion. A Catholic became a member of the public in Denmark Evangelical Lutheran Church. Recently the cavalier, which Margrethe II calls "a glorious woman, intensely studied the Danish language.For Prince Joachim is the second marriage. Читать полностью -->

The most expensive shots in the entire history of the paparazzi

The most expensive shots in the entire history of the paparazzi The human passion for peeping did the work of photographers extremely profitable business. What are the ten most expensive frames in the entire history of the existence of the controversial Fatarella?Wondered if the magazine SIM...230 thousand dollars photographers got a shot of Freddie mercury...In 1990 on a patient with AIDS Freddie mercury paparazzi was arranged a real hunt. Despite the fact that the cult musician rarely leaving the house, a clever paparazzi still managed to take a picture of an emaciated by disease of the musician (photo 1).250 thousand dollars was worth a shot with the "possessed" Britney Spears.A year ago in Los Angeles shaved bald Britney Spears with an umbrella in hand, attacked the car of a photographer from the paparazzi center, which specializes exclusively in the surveillance of American pop singer. The author of photos, in addition to the fee of 250 thousand dollars, earned another 40 thousand dollars on the sale of their jeep, scratched a star (photo 2).In October 2005, the British newspaper the Daily Mirror published photos of model Kate moss sniffing cocaine. As a result of the company Chanel and Burberry immediately broke with Kate contracts, and the paparazzi earned scandalous images 300 thousand dollars (photo 3)."Penthouse", not noticing the trick, bought a young photographer pictures, which was allegedly filmed Nude Anna Kournikova. But in photography "Kournikova" themselves suddenly recognized Judith Soltis Benetton, adopted daughter of Italian fashion designer lyuchano Benetton. Читать полностью -->

Sharon stone celebrates its 50th anniversary

Sharon stone celebrates its 50th anniversaryStone, who became famous thanks to the film "Basic instinct" and "Casino", find the glory of one of the most beautiful Actresses of Hollywood.It was called "divine," "daring" and one of the most "controversial" of celebrities. In the movie, stone plays the role of fatal beauties, but life remains independent and strong woman, wit and charm which Eclipse external data. Perhaps it is this quality and did not allow the stone to get lost in the sea such as beautiful blondes in Hollywood.Ever since the first years of life Sharon stone differed from their peers. In school she immediately came to the second grade at the age of 5 years. In 18 years, Sharon, have already graduated from school and received a bachelor's degree, unexpectedly took part in a beauty contest and became "Miss Pennsylvania".Later, the actress told reporters that her IQ is the same as in Einstein - 154. In her youth, she even predicted a bright future in chemistry, but then all thoughts of Sharon were associated with the movie."I thought of all the arts for the game I had the least talent. Читать полностью -->

Sviridov asked her former husband to return

Sviridov asked her former husband to returnSix months ago the scandal after parting with her civil husband, Alena Sviridova suddenly asked him to go back.For the sake of their four year old son Grisha singer decided to forgive Dmitry Miroshnichenko, who is younger than her 16 years, and numerous of infidelity.From Sviridova, known for its unpredictability, you can expect anything. However, this could not foresee anybody! The woman who has recently publicly stated that renounced to have a serious relationship, fell in love again... in her former common law husband.To the surprise of all secular parties, imposing young man, previously worked as a model, at the presentation of the new album Alena personally met her guests. And with a gorgeous bouquet in his hands. Well, after the concert reconciled a couple of a long time whispering in a secluded corner, the newspaper "Life".- Dima just fine. We have a wonderful relationship, especially because we have a common child, ' said Sviridov, yesterday did not want to even hear about Miroshnichenko. Читать полностью -->

The stars on the beach prefer `Fig leaf`

The stars on the beach prefer `Fig leaf` To constantly be in the spotlight is a heavy burden, but celebrities almost do not notice it. Even being on the beach wearing only a bikini, when she seemed to relax, they are all toned and ready for the camera flashes!Source: Stars on the beach, I prefer the "Fig leaves" (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Victoria Beckham received the gift of the vineyard

Victoria Beckham received the gift of the vineyardSinger Victoria Beckham had received from his wife a luxury gift. The famous football player gave his wife a vineyard.Now the singer will be able to spare from social events and raising three sons time to do more, and winemaking. Victoria and David have hired a team of professionals that will help you keep track of a California vineyard.Wine wife plan to bottle it, but sell it to do not. Drink and the Sun newspaper it has been dubbed the Posh Chateau in honor of the pseudonym Victoria since the days of the Spice Girls, will be served only during family and friend gatherings in the house of Beckham.About the vineyard close friends of the couple Tom cruise, Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, Heidi Klum and others learned a few weeks ago. Then David filed for table wine in the bottle with the name Victoria on the label.They say, lovers of good wine the Beckhams have become even in Spain, when David played for real Madrid. Victoria was so happy to receive such a gift from her husband. Читать полностью -->

Timberlake took off his pants before Madonna

Timberlake took off his pants before MadonnaOn Monday, the singer Madonna got a place in the "Hall of fame rock-n-roll". At the ceremony, which was held in the evening at the Waldorf Astoria in new York, the star was accompanied by her colleague Justin Timberlake and Iggy Pop.Last, as usual, came Topless, despite the strict dress code.Together with Madonna place in the "Hall of fame" in that day also got Leonard Cohen, John Mellencamp and the Dave Clark Five and The Ventures, but the climax of the ceremony was the presentation of the Madonna.The winners this year were chosen by 600 professionals from the world of music. To get into the "Hall of fame" may performers, since the release of the first album have a minimum age of 25 years.The ceremony took place in a relaxed atmosphere and Madonna, telling how began her career, opened the heart. "The day I met Michael Rosenblatt, who took me to Sire Records, I slipped him a cassette tape in his hand, and then we took ecstasy and danced the night away," recalled the singer.And Timberlake told a funny story that recently happened with Madonna. "We held the record in London. I was not feeling well, said Timberlake. Читать полностью -->

The group `Reflex` got naked for new music video

The group `Reflex` got naked for new music video On the set of new sex clip the soloist group had to stick their mini-dresses to the bodySexy outfits the girls were so candid that she had to literally glue the tiny dresses to the bodies of hot blondes.- What are little girls! - barely contain himself Director Alexander". - In front of such a beauty impossible to resist. My working mood vanished!In the video for new song "Chanel" which was filmed in St. Petersburg, Zhenya Malakhova, Alain Torganova and Anastasiya studenikina appeared in the form of glamorous girls, whose life is the pursuit of fashion and popular brands.Initially, I wanted to radically change the way girls and make them with hot brunettes, " admits Alexander. But, seeing them, understood better than they are now, does not happen!ClipAt the insistence of the producer, the Director made a video as sexy. Specially the girls sewed superdrine outfits.Mini-dress barely covered her gorgeous body girls, and then sliding off with breast or ass Stripping.- Not to introduce singers in the confusion, had outfits to stick to their body with tape, " says designer Alina German. Читать полностью -->

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